Week 63 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

We had transfers and I’m still in Covington! My new companion is Elder Martell. He replaced me when I left Eunice and was companions with Elder Romero! We have a area and a companion in common!

Tuesday ,we went around and Elder Condie said good by to alot of people.

Wednesday, was transfers! I got to go on an exchange with a Spanish missionary in Hammond but we didn’t get to see anyone because we had studies and language study. We didn’t get done with all that till 11 and then had lunch.  By that time our new companions were back then we had dinner at the Nolans house. They fed us alligator tail!  This time it was actually pretty good! I’ve had some people make it and it was kinda nasty…. but this time it was really good!

Thursday, we did some service at the food bank then it poured.  We got back for lunch and about 5 mins later the heavens opened up, hahaha!

Friday, we tried to contact a few less-actives and then went o see Brian and Kim but they had a ton going on!  We tracted some more of Ohio street and found another investigator!

Saturday, we bike a ton and had a appointment with Bo! He’s a ward missionary and we’ve been teaching/reading with him preach my gospel and going over all the lessons in it! It was great! He’s doing a really good job at being a ward missionary!

Sunday, we had ward council! Elder Martell’s first 7 1/2 months in the mission were in the Covington ward so he knows a ton of the members!

I have been reading the book of Mormon again and lots of talks from lds.org.  Its great! Can y’all pray for Matthew Lersch, Matthew, Kim and Brian, Bo, Nick and Lexie?  The Lords been blessing us with a ton of luck tracting! We’ve found 4 investigators and 3 PI’s from 1 street! When you ask, God gives on his time.

 Could y’all send me some more dairy pills? I’m almost out.  Thanks!  

Hope y’all are having  a good week.


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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