Week 64 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Tuesday, we had our district meeting and then got put on lock down due to really bad weather and tornado’s and such… soo cleaned the apartment, did some studying, played board games and ate pizza!.  That was literally the whole day, but we did find out that we had interviews with our mission president the next day.

Wednesday, we had our interviews with the mission president! They were great! After my companion and I were done sister Hansen ( our mission presidents wife) drove us to a dinner appointment at the Nolans.

Thursday, we went out to go see a few less-actives that live our in bush with a member!  It’s a good 15 miles one way so being on bikes, we dont get there too often and the visits went really really well! Both of the people we saw were happy to see us and talked about coming back to church!

Friday, we headed to Abita Springs to go see some former investigators and see some of people we have been teaching. It was really good! Most of them were home and busy but were happy to see us!

Saturday, we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and the ward missionaries.  We made a news letter for all the less-actives in the ward!

Sunday, we had church which was really good! We got a ride home from a member and then afterwards we went out to go see a few less-actives! I got a ton of CES devotionals and conference talks on a USB drive I’ve been listening to. I’m also reading in 2 Nephi 9.

How is Sister Guffey?  Tell her Hi for me.  Hope y’all stay healthy.  Spring is coming and it means RAIN!

The first set of pictures were after long day we all met by the lake.  Beautiful Sunset.  The second set of pictures we were on lockdown for tornados and really bad weather.  So we ate pizza and played games.

Can y’all pray for Nathan, Matthew, Gene, the Newsomes, Lexie and Nick?  Theres a lot of stuff people over look because of their pride and its sad. We all need to be humble.

I hope yall have a good week! 


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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