Week 66 in the Mission Field


Hi Everyone,

Well… it’s rained a ton… and there’s been a ton of flooding! Thankfully our apartment stayed dry but many houses had a foot of water in them.

Monday was good.  We had dinner at a members house and I got to see 2 former missionaries I know, it was great to see them! We had exchanges from Monday to Wednesday.  I was in Covington with Elder Decker.

Tuesday, we did a lot of follow up and some tracting. We had a really good lesson! The man asked how people get the authority of  God and where they get it from. He talked about how just going to school is not enough. It was a really good lesson!

Wednesday, we had zone conference and it was really good! Afterwards,  I saw another missionary I had served around. She showed up at the end of it then we had dinner at the Nolans house.  We brought another member with us and it was really good!

Thursday, we did a bunch of service then got put on lock down due to all the rain and really bad storms.

Friday was…. a day of studying! We were still on lock down.

Saturday, our mission president called us and told us to go around to see if there was anyone that needed help but to stay out of water which was kinda hard due to lots of flooding.

Sunday, church got cancelled because of the flooding so we went to a members house to do sacrament with their family and we had to bike around till we found a road that wasn’t flooded where the other elders could pick us up.  Something I noticed about the family we had the sacrament with was that really loved the missionaries! I’ve been in few houses that you could feel it and how much they were thankful for missionaries.  Then we went back to the Mandeville elders apartment for lunch and our ward mission leader called us.  He told us about a less-active member that had a foot of water in their house so we headed that way to spent 3-4 hours helping them clean up their house. There was a ton to do! A foot of water in a house causes a lot of problems.  We went to a members house for dinner.  We had really good Mexican food! Later that night, we got a call from our mission president and he told us that we can do up to 4 hours of service a day for the next 2 weeks or so to help people clean up their houses! There has been a TON of flooding here in Covington! Alot of road are washed out.

Attached are some pictures of the us all at the Cordavas house for Sacrament and a picture of a little bit of the flooding! One of mail boxes is almost under water but the water has gone down a lot.

Can yall pray for Nathan, Bo, Nick, Lexie, Gene and Harry?



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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