Week 67 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Tuesday we had our district meeting! It was great! I went on Exchanges with Elder Decker because my companion was sick again so we went around looking for the houses that got flooded from all the rain!  Wow, some areas had a lot of flooding and we ended up being late to our ward coordination meeting because we’re on bikes… but it all worked out well!

Wednesday night our ward had a clean up project! It was really good! We had 40+ people come and we split up into 5 or 6 groups to go help clean people houses.
Thursday was interesting, we went out teaching with brother Cancienne to go see a few less-actives and the first one wasn’t home so we went to go see one that the bishop asked us to go see to make sure they didn’t get flooded out.  They invited us in and after talking with them for a few minuets about all the flooding ( their house was fine!) They said ”y’all dont know?” The 3 of us said know what? It turns out that their son had drowned last Friday and that they had the service earlier that day.  We showed up right after everyone had left… so yeah… that was a bit of a surprise.  It caught all of us off guard.

Friday Morning, I was on Exchanges again with Elder Decker so we went to the church to help unload a truck that was dropping off cleaning supplies. Then went and helped a ward member move a bunch of furniture in a house he was cleaning up!

Saturday, I stayed in with Elder Martell all day.  We was sick.

Sunday, we missed church because he was still sick and after church ended the other elders came over for lunch. Then I went on Exchanges with Elder Ross our district leader so that we could go and see a few people!
I’m so grateful that there are other elders close by! Other wise, I would have been stuck in the apartment all week! Attached is a picture of the road that 90% of the members use to get to church! Thanks to that nice little hole in the road it adds 5ish miles for us to get to the church on bikes. hahaha!

Some areas here in Louisiana have extreme poverty.  Its really sad. I went to a Catholic Urkerous (its like a prayer room or something) and honestly I felt the spirit leave and felt really sick.  Not something I’m going to go to again. I’m reading in D&C 115 and in 2Nephi 29. It’s been really good! Talks a lot about how there are a lot more nations then just the Jews and that God talks to them all. Can  y’all pray for my companion, Bo, Nick, Lynn and Chris, Nathan Matthew and Nathan Kelly, Justice and Miranda Buras?

Elder Micah A. Ralph



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