Week 68 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a good week!

I was up in Mandeville on Exchanges with Elder Ross From Tuesday to Friday!My mission president said that my companion been sick 1/3 of his mission so he gave us approval to have a worthy member watch him when he’s sick while I go with the other Elders and work both areas.

Tuesday, we had our coordination meeting with our ward mission leader, it was great! He does a really good job and does all he can for the missionaries! We talked about Member-missionary relationships.

Wednesday,  Elder Ross and I biked around Mandeville all day and ended up by a sail boat dock!!! This part of the dock is basically a swamp…. lots of trees and the water is just deep enough to get boats out! Got to see some really nice people! We got back to the apartment around 8:30ish for dinner, we sat down to cool/dry off and crashed… woke up at 10 and got ready for bed….

Thursday, we were going to go bike to some service but Elder Ross’s bike was having issues. We think the ball-barrings are going out so we got to the service a bit late but it worked out well because they got a truck load of 300+ windows that came in 20 mins after we got there! Dang, some windows are not light.  We spent the next 2 hours unloading them all and trying to find places to put them! Then we headed back to the apartment for a really late lunch and then we went out teaching with Brother Ming! That went really well!

Friday, Elder Ross and I went to Zone Training Meeting.  It was pretty good but probably one of the more rowdy ZTM’s I’ve been too.

Saturday, Elder Martell and I did some service in the morning. We were helping a lady put all the stuff from her house into storage, that way they can work on her house and fix it from all the flooding. Elder Martell looked like he was going to pass out about half way through the move so he had to sit out the rest of it.

Sunday was awesome! Church was different, the bishop decided to do things a little backwards.  We had sacrament last and did testimony meeting first so that was a bit different. No one signed up to have us over for Easter dinner which was going to make for a long Sunday because my companion still isn’t feeling good and cant do any biking. But as we were getting into the car after church the member that parked next to us was also leaving, turned around and asked if we had a dinner appointment that night and we told him we didn’t so he invited us over for diner! It was a ton of fun! They have 3 little boys and wow. All 3 of them are like the energizer bunny! We ended up playing broom hockey and a couple other games with them to keep them busy so their mum could finish dinner.

I sent 7 boxes of really good church books home.  Just put it with the rest of my stuff.The schools are not that great in Louisiana so there are ALOT of LDS homeschool families.  Can y’all pray for Gene, Nick, Bo, the Buras family, Matthew and Lexie? Hope y’all had a great Easter!

Elder Micah A. Ralph




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