Week 69 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Tuesday was good! The Footes (a Family in the ward) came by our apartment to drop some stuff off for us. They are a great family! Then we had our weekly meeting with our ward mission leader,  which was great! We also got a referral that was happy to see us and wants us to come by to study the Bible and book of Mormon with him, that doesn’t happen very often btw…

Wednesday, we got to do some service at a place that is helping people who got flooded! Kind of short because we finished everything they needed us to do, then we had dinner at a less-active’s house! It was really good! Brother Johnson came along with us and we brought a returning member with us.  The lesson went really well!

Thursday, we had a bunch of lessons set up and planned but the people cancelled on us so we ended up doing some service at a food bank. Man, that place was so busy! Then we weekly planned for 2ish hours and went home teaching with brother O’neal! It was great! because we got to meet and get to know some members we haven’t been able to before!

Friday was boring… it poured off and on all day…  we had a appointment but they cancelled 40 mins before it…

Saturday-Sunday, we had General Conference and that was really good! aIt answered a ton of my questions! On Saturday between seasons we had our district meeting!  It was kinda short because the sisters had to leave early to get to a less-actives house to watch conference with them! Before the priesthood session we had pizza with the ward! It was good! We had invited a investigator and a less-active to it but neither came. My favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorf’s and Elder Hollands! They both were great!

The pictures below are of a prank Bro. Throckmorton, Bro. Underwood and Bro. Cancienne played on the missionaries.  We came out from the priesthood session and could not get out!

Hope y’all are doing great!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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