Week 70 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Last week was transfer week and so I’m staying in Covington!

Wednesday morning, we went and did a bunch of service for a less-actives soon to be son-in-law.  We cleared out a ton of brush and the put up a fence,  it went really well! Thankfully, it wasn’t too humid but it was fun!

Thursday, we got to do some service in the morning and I was a bit busy the rest of the day getting ready for my procedure Friday.

Friday, I had a doctors appointment that was different.  I had to have a procedure done and found I am ok.  I was supposed to not do anything and rest all friday.  We just need to find why I have pain in my side. Not something I want to do again! We had dinner at a members house, they came and picked us up because i wasn’t allowed to bike the rest of the day… but the dinner was great! We had a good time with them and had a great time talking about the gospel!

Saturday, we biked around and got to see almost everyone we had planned on which is odd because when we plan people to see about 75% of them cant meet with us at that time or are not home.  Out of everyone we saw only 2 of them were not home! We got to meet a lot of their friends! We also got dropped by a investigator.  It was sad because he completely blew off, ignored what we said and the answers we gave to his questions.  I was rather raw after we got back Saturday night but we had dinner at the Nolans house! We borrowed the sisters car, such a blessing! We also found our lovely, little friend the snake in our apartment :l I went in and he came out.  I didn’t even see the thing till my companion said, ” Elder Ralph, you just stepped over a snake!”. We are  still not sure how it got in side the apartment! Thankfully, we couldn’t find any other snakes in the apartment!

Sunday was really good! A member gave a great talk about the temple and after church we went out to go see a bunch of less-actives with our wad mission leader Brother Cropper!  It went really well! We got in a few doors and had really good lessons! We found out that our ward mission leader is moving 😦  Then we had dinner at the Footes house, such a crazy family! They are awesome, really funny and feels so much like home! hahah!

The picture of the tree is the 7 Sister’s Oak Tree! One of the biggest trees in La!  We are cleaning the church this Saturday then going to a crawfish boil. I have been reading alot of doctrinal talks,  they are great!  Helps me understand so much!

Can y’all pray for Raymond, Gene, Matthew, Nathaniel, Bo and Nick?  Thank you for the pants and belts!  They were needed.

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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