Week 71 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,  

“Prayer is the passport to peace.”President Monson

This week was pretty good! We followed up with a lot of people! My side still bugs me a lot but other wise I’m feeling good! Could y’all send me some fish oil? I ran out.

Tuesday, we had our district meeting and we tracted a street, met some really nice people! We also had our weekly meeting with our ward mission leader and we had a mini Q&A which was great! 

Wednesday, we did some more tracting but like no one answered their doors and had dinner at the nolans!

Thursday, instead of going to the food bank to do service, we went to a less-acive members house to help move.  Well, when a box a little bigger then a book of mormon weighs 35+ pounds might make the move a bit hard! hahaha. We moved 3000+ pounds of boxes of ammo and really showed that size does not matter! hahaha…. I think the heaviest was 110 pounds.  Then we went and saw a less-active with brother Kubeja and it went really well! We invited him to a crawfish boil and as we were leaving he started introducing us to everyone in the area! haha! So we invited 3 of his friends to the crawfish boil! 

Friday, basically everything fell through…. tried everything we could think of and nothing was working out.

Saturday, we had a crawfish boil and it was really good! There was 316 pounds of crawfish, not counting all the potatoes, onions,sausage, mushrooms and garlic! Tons of food! Dean and 3 of his friends came and the ward was really helpful in giving them rides to and from it! Afterwards, we were going to go see dean but had to cancel :/Later that night, we had dinner at the foote’ser house and it was really good! We had a awesome lesson with them!

Sunday was crazy…. Dean came to church and loved it!He is a really open and nice guy! Brother Kubeja helped a ton! He took care of Dean while we were really busy helping the sister investigators meet the youth and get to class and such! We had 8 or 9 investigators that came to church between the sisters and us.  After  church, we followed up with some people we had tacted into that week! They weren’t interested but were really nice! One of them gave us the softest and nicest “no thank you.. we’re good where we are” I have ever had on my mission then they offered us dinner! Sadly,  we had an appointment to get to so we couldn’t eat with them :/

Mission presidents are awesome! They have a gift to teach us. I’m trying to read a talk a day and I’ve  been following some council to learn more about Christ so I’m rereading Jesus the Christ but this time I’m reading all the scriptural references.  There are a ton but it’s been really good!Christ shows love no matter what others do.  I’ve learned that a lot the last 3 months. We are  all human and stupid at times.  Being in the comfort zone is good but there’s no growth in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone.Some  people need to learn that…. this life isn’t supposed to be easy. If it is then we are doing something wrong. Can y’all pray for Matthew, Gene, Nathan, Kelly, Justice,  Dean, Lamar, Bo and Raymond?

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph 


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