Week 72 in the Mission Field

Hello Everyone,

Tuesday, we did some service in the morning and then went and saw one of our investigators. We taught him the restoration and it went pretty well! He had a few good questions then we had our weekly meeting with the ward mission leader.

Wednesday, we had zone conference, it was good! We learned a lot about helping people over come addictions and about keeping our cars clean.  One of the mission office couple was talking about not going over miles and asked if  anyone had unlimited miles. So being on a bike we don’t have a mile limit so my companion and I raised our hand. hahaha! Because we are on bikes, we had to get a ride to zone conference which normally isn’t a problem because the other elders just drive us, but this time they weren’t heading back to Covington/Mandeville until Thursday afternoon ( They had exchanges with our zone leaders). So, we either had to walk/bike the 60ish miles back or get permission to ride with the sisters.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to walk back. haha!

Thursday, we got to do some service in the morning then we biked over to a appointment we had set up. Sadly ,the less-active wasn’t there so we tried a few others in the area so we didn’t bike 20 miles for nothing. On the way back, we did some tracting and knocked on a lady’s door, scared her half to death, she screamed and made me jump. haha!  Then, she talked with us for the next 20 mins.

Friday, not much went on. We finished our weekly planning because we didn’t have time to do all of it on Thursday. After we did that, we decided to bike to a less-active that our ward mission leader asked us to go see and found out that she moved but got to meet a nice person that now lives there! We’re going back this Wednesday.

Saturday, we did a bunch of follow up. It was interesting.  We were trying to find this address ( which was nowhere to be found), we stopped and asked 3 guys if they knew where it was ( they didn’t) and ended up having a rather interesting discussion with the 3 of them. One was drunk and having a really hard time standing, one was interested and one of the others was honestly really smart but knew a ton had had little wisdom. He was a bit crazy, had some interesting beliefs about holidays and pagan stuff. When you mix the Bible with pagan myths and conspiracy theories, things get messed up real fast and very confusing.  All this helped me understand how much we need the Holy Ghost to know whats right and what is not. I learned that you really can lose your self in all the knowledge but know very little that matters.

My side still hurts off and on.  Cutting out dairy, sugar and fats, seems to help. I have not been able to play piano much.  The pictures are of alot of swamp lands here. Can y’all pray for Nick, Bo, Nathan, London, Matthew and Mr Gillory?

Happy Aniversary, Mom and Dad!  Happy Birthday to Lindsay!  Hope y’all have a good week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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