Week 73 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone, 
Monday night, we had dinner at a non members home who were Catholic.  They had a lot of questions and wanted to get it from the source not the internet because the Internet is not always right. It went really well!
Tuesday, we biked out to go see someone and it went well! She didn’t have time for us to share anything…. but it was still good! She needed to talk because she was a bit stressed then we had our weekly coordination meeting! 
Wednesday, we had a bunch of things planned including some service for a less-actives soon-to-be son-in-law who isn’t a member but it poured off and on most of the day so we couldn’t do it. Once the weather cleared up we went to go follow up with someone who lives a ways away but she wasn’t home so we had to high tail it back to our apartment so a member could pick us up to go to a less-actives house for dinner! We did 9.1 miles in about 23 mins!

Thursday, we got to do some service at the Covington  food bank and 5 minutes after we had closed everything up someone came and dropped off 141 pounds of pastry’s.  The food bank doesn’t open again till Monday and they couldn’t do anything with all the pastry’s so they gave us about 20ish pounds of them to give out. We walked back, couldn’t bike with the boxes haha! We then went on splits with 2 of the high priests in the ward, Brother Greenhalgh and Brother  Cancienne.  Out  of the 10 people we tried to see only 1 of them was home. Even though we didn’t get to do much it was still really needed and tons of fun! Brother Cancienne and I saw this lady we had met a week before.  Wow,  they both were making jokes back and forth! It was really entertaining! Kind of wish I got it on video.

Friday was busy. We ended up biking 16 miles to go see a P-I, a less-active and do some tracting then had to get to an appointment 10 miles away from where we were which went really well! They had lots of questions about how our church was set up and lots about prophets.  We are going back this Tuesday! We had dinner at a members house which was great! We ended up doing 33 miles.

Saturday, we got put on lock down and had to cancel a few appointments, but once we did get to go out we tried a few people and then had to stop at a members house to get more water. We were 13 miles away from home and completely out of water so thankfully the sister’s were near a ward roster and answered their phone! 
Sunday, we had ward council. It ended up being really funny because literally everyone took their seats and no one sat next to bishop. He had a empty seat to his right and another one to his left. One of the members (bother Amoroso) being himself, pointed this out to him and  then went on to talk about how lonely leadership is! It ended up with the stake president coming in a little late, bring up the fact that no one sat next to bishop then decided to be charitable and sat next to him! In the middle of ward council, we got a text saying that we are on lock down again and to get a ride to church. Once it stopped raining we headed to Abita Springs to go see a few less-actives! 

It’s been in the 80’s here and really humid.  Thank you for the fish oil,  I think I’m good on everything else.sound like the farm is doing well.  How many lambs did you get? Looks like everyone is growing a ton.  I’ve been reading a ton of great stuff, I’ll send the links to Zachary. I cut out most fatty stuff and dairy so my side is doing much better.  Can ya’ll pray for Justice and Maranda, Mr Kelly, Bo (its pronounced bow), Nick, Mr Gillory and Charles?

Hope y’all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph


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