Week 74 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Happy Mothers day!

Monday-Tuesday, I went on exchanges with our district leader Elder Ross up in Mandeville! It was great! We got to meet a few people that were not too happy to see us, one was stoned outta his mind. It was really kind of sad then Tuesday night we had out weekly coordination meeting.

Thursday was really busy! We did some service in the morning then came back and planned for next week.  Some members took us out for dinner and it was great! They have 3 little boys and they reminded me of my 2 brothers.  Later that night we were planning on going on splits with 2 of the high priests but they both had to cancel so we headed over to go see a P-I but she wasn’t there. But we did get to meet a guy that works for Vivint and he was a member! He just got back from his mission a few months before.

Friday, we had zone training meeting and it was pretty good! They talked a lot about leadership, reporting numbers and such. We got to eat a a really good restaurant after the zone meeting, it had been over a year scene I had eaten there! So Elder Ross and I took some pictures! I’m not sure how the picture with my tong hanging out came about but oh well….

Saturday, we biked towards Walmart to see a couple of investigators and P-I’s. We met a couple of good people.  They were nice to us and asked a bunch of questions! Its amazing how people hear a lot of things about the LDS church that are not true, lots of them hear things that are really twisted. Then we tried stopping by a couple of less-actives and then a member’s house to get water but no one was home.  We ran into 2 more guys that work for Vivint,both again members. haha!  We had the other elders pick us up by Wal-mar to head to interviews with our mission president. We were half way there when he called saying that they were running about an hour late so we drove to our apartment and had a quick snack then headed to the church for interviews.  Our interviews were good. We learned some new things and had a few questions answered 🙂 After,  we headed out to go do some tracting and ran into one of the Vivint guys again!

Sunday we had Church and  it was great! We ended up teaching the 16-18 year old class with about 5 minuets of preparation. hahaha! So we did a Q&A and it went really well! They had a couple of pretty good questions then we got to call home from the Ory’s house! It was really nice to talk to my family.  Thanks for the list of healthy foods!

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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