Week 75 in the Mission Field

Mother’s Day FaceTime!

Yes, I gave myself a haircut! Cheaper that way😀

We needed to ride across the rickety bridge! No cars allowed anymore.

Elder Skillicorn and I on exchanges.

This yard was so overgrown, we almost missed the house.

Hot sun melted.

Brother Cropper and I.

We will miss this family! The best ward mission leader.
Hi Everyone,
I’m staying in Covington! This will be my longest area by 1 week, haha! 

Sunday, we again taught the 16-18 year old class! It was kinda irritating!Half the class were on their phones so we told them, we are gonna sit here and stare at y’all until the phones get put away and people pay attention. After that, it went better. Dean came to church! He called about 5 minuets before it started and asked for a ride, everything worked out well! 
Saturday, we biked all over the place. Every appointment we had fell through.. most of them when we were 80% of the way there.

Friday we biked a ton and we set up a bunch of appointments. The  closest was about 7 miles in one direction and the other 2 were about 10 in the other. Thursday night, during planning we realized that we had done that.  I guess when you go on exchanges and when everyone wants to meet with you on a Friday, you gotta do what you have to do. Thankfully,  one of the appointments cancelled on us so that cut out a good chunk of the biking! We ended up doing 34 miles.
Thursday was busy! Service in the morning then came back cleaned up had lunch and weekly planned! Then, we had a nice little surprise, a member was going to drive us to dinner at the Nolans was running late about 5 mins before we were supposed to be there he had a emergency pop up so we ended up biking. I think only Elder Condie will understand this but we biked there in 20 mins.
Wednesday-Tuesday,  we were on Exchanges! I was in Mandeville with Elder Skillicorn and it was a ton of fun! We did lots of tracting and man.,there are some interesting people here! You cant do anything but love them! It was probably one of the better exchanges I’ve been on here in covington! Had an investigator who does not like to commit to things, actually promise to do something!
Monday,  I learned how to throw cards! Thanks to elder Skillicorn and he showed us how to change our voices to sound like a bunch of different people… i laughed more then any other of the P-days I’ve had!

Can y’all pray for Matthew, Charles, Justice and Maranda, Bo, Nick, Elizabeth, and Mr Kelly?


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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