Week 76 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

It’s been a crazy week…. 

Tuesday, we had dinner at a members house!We were a little late due to us being on bikes and having to bike 9 miles there and trying to drop a book of mormon off to a investigator! The dinner was really good! Afterwards,we somehow fit our bikes and ourselves into their car…. 2 bikes and about 600 pounds of human can make it a bit of a tight fit.
Wednesday was an interesting day… literally everything we had planned or any appointments we had set up fell through so we decided to go tracting.  There was an apartment complex that I had thought we should tract when I was with elder Condie but for some reason we never did. Well, we tracted it and the 3rd to last door we knocked on the door and no one answered for a bit. As we were leaving a lady came to the door and apologized for not answering so quickly, she told us that her mum( not a christen) saw who we were and told her not to answer it but she did. As we talked, we found out that she had been throwing up and was going to go into rehab the next day. We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon.  No idea where that might go but I feel like we had done what the Lord wanted us to do that day! 
Thursday, we had set up a bunch of appointments to go see with a member of the stake presidency (who lives in the ward) and with in 2 hours of us going out teaching with him the 3 appointments we had called and cancelled on us. So we decided to go see some of the members on his home teaching list and we headed over to Richardson’s! While we were there, a family friend came by to pick up some stuff and we ended up teaching him! The lesson went really really well! It turns out that his wife is a member and that they have been trying to get back into church/find one that they could go too! Thursday night was….. late…. just a really late night…. went to bed.  Then 11:00 we get a call from our mission president telling us to get our bike helmets, get some where safe in the apartment and asking me to call the rest of the missionaries in our area to do the same because our district leader didn’t pick up the phone. We did that and I slept in the kitchen. Our apartment has 3 places that are safe and away from windows; the small closet, the kitchen and the bathroom. After 30 mins after our president called the sisters called and were freaking out. (one of them doesn’t do well with storms like at all.)
Friday, we met with an investigator in the mornin, the lesson was okay. His son listened more then he did. Then the other elders picked us up for district meeting and saved us the 15 mile bike ride to get there! One of our investigators we had tried to drop us… and we saw a less-active thats started to come back to church.  That was an interesting experience. Someone’s  kid freaked out and called the cops on him for something stupid then the parents came and talked to the Less-active about it. They were pretty disrespectful. They went and complained to the apartment office people and lied a ton. Which is kinda odd because there were a good 6+ witnesses and 2 of the maintenance guys that were there for the whole thing… 
 Saturday, again all the appointments we had cancelled on us so we went to follow up with some people we had tracted into! We met Layla and her family,  lesson went really well! They had a ton of questions, mostly about how the church worked because they were not fans of how the other churches work. I also got asked to teach elders quorum so I had to get ready for that. All the teachers and the presidency were sick, out of town or moving…. 
Sunday, Layla and one of her Daughters came to church! ( the other one and her husband were out of town) I think that was the first time on my mission that we meet someone and then they come to church the next day! Church was crazy! Wehad 2 investigators there, elder Martell taught the lesson for the 16-18 year olds and I taught the elders quorum. It. kept us really busy! Later Sunday, we went out to go check out an area and met some drunk people… they were really nice! Clearly drunk but really nice haha! Then we headed over to see an older guy Elder Decker and I had tracted into! Im not kidding. If your having a bad day here, just stop doing what your doing and go see Mr gillory! It will turn your day around! It had been a while since we had last seen him because we have been really busy! We found out that he had a roof cave in under him while he and one of his workers were fixing it… he said ” being an old guy sucks, when you get hurt it takes a long time to get better. Hey, want to switch shoes? Then you’ll know how I feel!” hahahahaha 

Alma 43 is quite good.  Something tells me that Captian Moroni was not a quiet man.  He know how to serve, knew what needed to be done and what he wanted. We get lots and lots of exercise! We did 77 miles in 3 days…. lots of biking! Could y’all send me some recipes for things that dont have any soy, dairy or peanuts in it?

Happy Birthday dad and Caitlyn! Can y’all pray for Layla, Savannah, Allie, Mr London, Mr Kelly, Bo, Nick, and harry Gillory?

Hope y’all have a great week! 


Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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