Week 77 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone, 

This week things slowed down a bit!

Tuesday, we saw a investigator and he hadn’t done any of the thigns we asked him to do then helped a less-active out. I was asked to play the piano for a baptism!
Wednesday, we ended up doing a bunch of tracting and gave a blessing at the church! The blessing was interesting but really well! 

Thursday was service at the food bank like normal and then after that everything else was crazy. Having tight timing and being on bikes can make things lively! hahaha! We had dinner at a less-actives house but we were 40 mins late due to some things that popped up and it was a 10 mile bike ride. So we had to move going on spilts back by 30 mins! We went out teaching with a member and we got to see a less-active.  Things  went so well! His mum decided to stay in the room this time and listen  then opened up and we had a really, really good lesson with them all! It’s great how the spirit works! 
Friday, we headed to a appointment in the morning with a investigator and when we got there he had to cancel on us so we biked the 10 miles back and saw a bunch of people on the way back! We ended up spending 4 hours on the bike.
Saturday we went to a baptism! We invited all 5 of our invetigators to it but sadly no one showed up…. 
Sunday was really good because it was the 5th sunday of the month 3rd hour of church was combined! The bishop taught it on missionary work and he did a really good job! 

Can y’all pray for Layla,  Allie, Nick, Bo, Savannah, Adam,  harry gillory and Dean? It’s been really really hot the past week! 

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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