Week 78 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone, 

Monday night, we went over to the Ory’s house for FHE and we had a water balloon fight then played a bunch of other games! Thankfully,  Sister Ory said to not come in ties! haha… So we got pretty wet…. 

Tuesday, we had district meeting! It was great! afterwards, we tracked  the rest of the day… 
Wednesday, everything fell through and nobody was home so we did some more tracting! We were poured on but we did get to meet some good people! They invited us back and are pretty open!
Thursday had service in the morning. Things were going great the first 2 hours or so then a couple of the workers and I were waiting for a car to pull up so we could load it.  We nearly had a big problem when it got up to us.  I had to tell the guy siting in the passenger seat to stay in the car and keep his hand to himself or there would be a big problem. I haven’t been that ticked in a long time. Thankfully, the guy was wise enough to stay in the car. Look up Elder Jeffery R. Hollands talk “the Tongue of Angels”. I agree with him on everything in that talk. After service we had a quick lunch then headed over to help an older lady with some stuff around her house and after that we headed to the Nolans  for dinner! About 1/3 of the way there Mrs Sherrie (one of our neighbors) pulled up to the side of us and told us that it was about to rain and to get under something. Well,  less then 2 mins later we were completely soaked before we could even get anywhere to stay dry. So by the time we got to the Nolans  house it had been pouring for the past 20 minuets. Thankfully, my scriptures stayed dry and then we went out teaching with a member! Sadly, no one was home….. 
Friday, we biked out to see an investigator and when we got there he had to cancel because his uncle passed away 3 that morning. Then headed over to a member who hadn’t been to church in a while due to work and had a really good discussion with him! We then did some more tracting! We went to see a Potential investigator.  Shewasn’t home but we did get to meet her husband and he knew who we were and actually wants us to come back and help his wife become saved. We headed back to our apartment so we could start exchanges.  I was in Covington with Elder Jensen! After that we headed out to do some more tracting. About half way to the area we were going to the sky got rather dark so we said a pray and both felt like we should continue and go tract! We knocked on 2 doors and met a really nice guy then high tailed it back to our apartment! We  not get back dry… at all…. my feet were swimming… in my shoes….. 
Saturday we had to do a bit of bike maintenance! Then tried some PI’s on the way to an area we felt we should tract. No one was home again… sooooo we got to do some more tracting! It started to rain a little bit while we were tracting and stopped pretty quickly and met some great people! We have a couple of people that said we could come back! We headed to the area where the trace crosses the 59 so that our bishop could pick us up for dinner! We got there about 10 mins early and sat down on a bench and it started sprinkling.. Elder Jensen took cover under a little out cove a homeless guy had made! I just sat on the bench…. for about 3 mins before the heavens opened up on us… it was a sad sight… so I joined him under the brush which did not keep any part of us dry at all. So we sat there in the down pour for about 15 minutes before the bishop got there. We loaded up our bikes in the back of his truck and then soaked the seats in it. hahah….Dinnerwith the bishop and his family was great! They gave us both some shirts and cargo pants to wear while our clothes were drying! I think that was the first time  I did a role play teaching the restoration in cargo pants! hahaha! 
Sunday, we had ward council in the morning! It was good! Then about 1/4 of the way through gospel principles elder Martell and I got asked to teach the 16-18 year olds again…. got back from church and had to do some bike maintenance (my back breaks were frozen up)and we did some more tracting! 
btw! Thats Elder Jensen’s index finger not the middle, hahah! Also, we had to figure out how to dry our shoes so we put them in the microwave, hahahah! It didn’t work too well, they are still wet, almost dry though! I got wet 5 of the 7 days this week! Thankfully, no one got sick! 
Can y’all  pray for Matthews, Gene , Bo, Nick , Layla, Allie, Savannah, Harry, Steven and Rachel?

Hope y’all have a great week! 
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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