Week 79 in the Mision Field

I trained Elder Howe!

Hi everyone,

Tuesday, we didn’t have District meeting because we had a meeting with Elder Erich Kopischke on Wednesday!We did some service in the morning and did lots of tracting…. 

Wednesday, we headed down to New Orleans in the morning to go to a meeting with Elder Erich Kopischke! He did a Q&A. He had us think about questions we all wanted answered and then had our mission president and his wife instructed us while he started thinking about how to answer the questions we had! He had about 15-20 mins to prepare… it was really spirit lead! He spent a good 3+ hours talking and discussing with us about the questions and answering them all. He did a great job and kept us really involved! I learned more from that meeting then any other i have been too! Little funny story: we thought the meeting was only going to go till maybe 2 at the latest but it started at 10 and ended at 4. We drove back and went straight to a dinner appointment we had with the Kubeja’s! So we didn’t do much mission work Wednesday.
Thursday, we were not planning on doing service because we had an appointment with an investigator but he had to cancel on us. It ended up being a really busy day.  After service’ we came back and planned for next week then headed out to do some tracting and to go to a appointment with less-active! We learned that the sisters kinda ticked them off so remember to call ahead and cancel! Dont do it 2 hours before! Then we high tailed it to the church to go out teaching with brother O’Neil! We didn’t get to teach anyone but the Son-in-law of one of our investigators opened up a ton! We had a good 20 minute talk with him.
Friday, we tracted an area we both felt we should go, got a referral and a really good potential investigator! I learned what it feels like to be on the receiving end when a lawn mower runs over a ton of gravel. Thankfully, only 3 landed in the ribs! I felt some larger chunks wizz past my nose and hair! On the way out of that area we met a rather grumpy lady! She ‘nicely’ told us to leave the neighborhood then we went over to Abita Springs to follow up with some people we had tracted into! We got to see one of them, it went really well! We’ve got a lot to help her with then we went over to the O’leary’s for dinner! Brother O’leary is a ship captain, one that retires in about 2 months! He was showing us pictures of the ships he had been the captian of and dang, they are massive! We left our bikes at their house because they didn’t want us to bike home in the dark.
Saturday morning after studies, Brother O’leary came and picked us up to get our bikes and it started pouring. We tracted and then headed to follow up with someone and met that “nice” lady again. Apparently,  she was having a great day until she saw us and I asked how she was doing…call the cops on us all you want. We aren’t breaking any laws if the area is not gated, anyone is welcome as long as they follow the law.  The person we went to go see wasn’t hom soo we headed out and happened to pass her again.  I guess if we’re the cancer of society then we are the only kind that does good and we all are going to heck. I’ve met missionaries from all different faiths and we are all doing lots of good! If that’s bad then see y’all in heck .  I’ve been a missionary for 18 months and I still cant understand why people get so angry when they see us. So  we went and did some tracting else where.  Then we went to the Footes for dinner! They found some ice cream that was non-dairy! Litterally made this fat boy’s day!!! Coconut  ice cream is actually really really good! It surprised me! Sadly, it is not cheap so  wont be having that often, mostly because I don’t need it, hahaha! 

Sunday, we had Stake conference in New Orleans! It was really good! There were a ton of talks about how the youth standards are not just for then youth! It is for us all! If you want your kids to follow them then be a good example and follow them yourself! It poured till like 3:30 soo we studied and had lunch! we biked around and tried to follow up with people  and we stopped by to see an investigator! He wasn’t home but we got to talk with his wife for a little bit. We did some tracting and tracted into a member! Its always a really nice surprise to find them and talked for a bit! The member has been having a hard time.

 Can ‘all pray for Matthew, Steven, Rachel and Todd, Gene, Harry, Bo, Nick and Mr London? 

Hope  all is well!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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