Week 80 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone, 

 This week has been really hot! 

Tuesday, we did service in the morning and then went to go see an investigator.  The lesson went really well and then we tracted for the rest of the day… 

Wednesday, we didn’t get as much as we would have liked don, mostly, because it was just 104.7 in the shade with out counting the humidity. We’d  tract for 20 minutes and then quickly get into some AC some where, try to re-hydrate, cool down for 30ish mins and then back out! We had dinner at a members house!
Thursday, we got to do some more service and then thankfully, we had weekly planning so we didn’t have to be outside during the hottest time of the day! We ate dinner at the Nolans house! I ended up eating some Dairy :/ 
Friday, we had zone training meeting up in Hammond! It was great! Our Zone leaders did a really good job! We had an open discussion! When we got back from the meeting, I had a nice little suprise! I found a watermelon on our front step with a note!Thank you Aunt Sharron and Uncle Ernie! It made my day!! The rest of Friday we tried to see a couple of people but no one was home so we did some more tracting! 

My companion is allergic to melons so it took me 2 days to eat it. 

Saturday, we had an appointment with a lady and she wasn’t there but she left us a really nice note! On the way back we decided to check out where a road lead to and found out that there is a bike path that cut off about 2 miles of the bike ride home! We mostly just tracted, later Saturday night we went and saw Mr Ellis! He isn’t really intrested in learning about our faith but we always have great gospel discussions with him like everyone in the area knows him so we get to meet lots of new people! 

Sunday, we had ward council before church, it was good! After church we went out to go see a couple of people and on the way back my bike started acting up. It was supposed to be short and easy 4 mile bike ride felt like a 20 mile bike ride. When your back wheel doesn’t turn that well and is starting to freeze up tends to make it a bit harder to peddle. A member dropped dinner off to us and let me borrow some stuff to try to fix it so we spent the night trying to figure things out.

Can y’all pray for Savannah, layla, Bo, Nick, Charles, Justice, Miranda, Gene, and Matthew and Rachel and Todd? 

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph


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