Week 81 in the mission field

Hi Everyone,

Well, both Elder Martell and I are leaving covington! Yup… they are doubling us out! This will have been my longest are, by 1 week!  hahaha! I have learned so much from this place and I’m a district leader in my new area! I avoided it for 18 months! haha! … oh well…..

Monday-Wednesday morning, we were on Exchanges! We did lots of tracting! I was in covington with Elder Skillicorn! It was soo much fun! That missionary knows how to make things fun, did lots of tracting!  Found alot more people that want us to come back and teach them and Wednesday morning we did district meeting! It was really good! 
Thursday, we were really busy! Service in the morning, weekly planned for 30 mins then headed to a less-actives with brother Kubeja! He helped us a to and got us a appointment with the less-activ that we’ve been trying for the past month! 
Friday, lots of tracting and then got dropped by an investigator! Kind of  saw it coming though…. Saturday… just Saturday…We spent a little too omuch time in the sun, ended up feeling pretty sick so we had to stay in and make sure things didn’t get worse but all turned out well! We both are fine! We went to a baptism, that was great! 

Sunday, we had church, the speakers did a great job! We came back studied and went out to see a bunch of people! There were not many were home but we met 2 really nice old ladies! They turned a bad day into a good day! It really showed me how the Lord knows what you’re going through and does take care of his children!  
Monday we tracted some more…  
I’ve been reading in the Pearl  of Great Price and still rereading Jesus the Christ.  I know the Spirit really helps get thing done!

In the picture you can tell I bike with my toes! hahah! Can y’all pray for Justice and Miranda, Nick, Bo, Lundon, and Emily.

Elder Micah A. Ralph 

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