Week 82 in the mission field

Hi everyone,

I’m now in LaPlace LA! The ward is great! It’s a bit small because the week before I got here we had 21 members move out but we still have mama Matre!  So this is not my address because our apartment is not a good place to be sending packages.. sooo its the safest place to send stuff! It’s the address of a member, we call her mama haha… she takes care of the missionaries really well! 1925 Cambridge dr, LaPlace, LA, 70068-2807 

It’s interesting being a district leader. It was a bit of a change to go from being on a bike to a car and then from a dense city to a spread out city! 
Wednesday, we drove up to Baton Rouge and then I went down to Laplace with Elder Mayer, who is from Utah! We did some tracting and got a new investigator then  we had bible Study with Mama Matre, it was great! She had lots of really good questions! 
Thursday, did a lot more tractin, got a bunch of good pin and a  new investigator! We went to follow up with a bible referral and met her dad, who let us in.  We had a great first lesson with him! We were in and out pretty fast! The spirit helped us out soo much! A time or 2 either me or my companion were going to say something and what ever we were going to say completely left us… We stumbled and couldn’t remember what we were going to say! It was interesting how the lesson went then we had dinner at a member’s house.  I felt like I was being interrogated! Brother Andrews asked tons of questions! My companion got all of them right and has been the 2nd or 3rd to ever do so! 

Friday was good! We had our district meeting in Luling. Planning meetings are different but it turned out great! The spirit really helped things a ton! Then we went and helped the Luling  elders do some service and drop them off at their apartment ( they are on bikes!).
Saturday was great! We went over to a farm to do some service. Wow! I felt  like I was home! I knew what to do, how to do it! Sadly,  though it was really hot, bright and humid so that made it look like we all went swimming! haha! 
Sunday was good! The high councilor( bro. John Johnson) that is assigned to our ward brought a investigator with him and we had a great lesson in gospel principles! We had to take a break because my companion had an allergy attack due to somehow (no idea how) eating some corn, loading hay, and a couple of other things is has allergy’s too! 
Monday, we had our P-day up in New Orleans! It was my first time actually driving in New Orleans! All the other times we just went straight to the Jefferson building which isn’t far from the causeway so we didn’t dive around much at all! It was good! I got lots of time to practice the piano, which was really really needed! I’m so out of practice! 
Something that has strengthened my testimony a ton, is how well Godtakes care of his missionaries when they follow the rules! How Hebprovides a way! Inhave really learned this past week that you receive the blessing you need during hard times to help get you through the hard time and then after it is over, you are blessed so much more! I’ve  been studying in 3nephi and am still studying Jesus the Christ, reading all the scripture reference in it.  It’s been helping me learn the different books and where they are. 

Can y’all pray for Bo, Nick, Charles, Curtis, Gordon, Dawein, and gene? Also, I’m going to be sending a package home! It will just have a bunch of random stuff in it. I’m  trying to dejunk and send home the stuff I dont need so just put it with the rest. 

Hope y’all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph!

6 of us crammed into the car.

I’ve got way white feet.

We relaxed by the pool, no we did not get in.

The sisters I came out with, on their way back home!

The missionaries in my zone.

Saying goodbye to the Buras family!

Saying goodbye to the Kubeja. Family!

My companion and I have dietary restrictions so it will be interesting. Glad to find someone who likes smoothies!


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