Week 83 in the Mission field

Hi everyone,

So busy this week! 

Tuesday,  we had our District meeting which was really really good! We tried to do a bunch of follow up, tracting, and met some really nice people! 

Wednesday, our mission president told us (if we wanted to) that we could switch our study times around! So my companion and I did that! We studied during the hottest times of the day (2-4) and it worked out really well! We had a really weird lesson with a lady we tracted into. I asked her a question when she opened up the door and she gave a very grumpy/ hostile no, she stood there for a minute then invited us in and gave us water! It was soodd! We some how got on the subject of family home evening and things worked out great! After a little bit of talking she opened up a lot more and was in a lot better mood! We headed to go see a lady… probably for the last time too! Well, last time until she reads the whole book of Mormon all the way through! We had dinner at a members house who invited a less-active and her boy friend over too! We had  a really good lesson with them! We committed him to read 3 nephi 11-13 and he read it right there…. all of it… then we followed up with some former investigators and some people the bishop asked us to see! 
Thursday, we got to do some service at the farm! It was good! We helped keep a disabled kid on a horse! That  is a work out for your arms! Afterwards, we came back studied and had lunch! We went out teaching with a member that is leaving on his mission in Orem,  Utah in 2 weeks. Pretty much everyone we tried to see was not home.. even the ones we had set things up with but we did get to follow up with someone we had run into, he wasn’t that interested but his son asked a ton of questions then we went to a bible study! 
Friday-Saturday we had Zone Training meeting! and wow…. the only smaller zone I have served in was the Lafayette zone! I was only there 2 weeks before they shut it down. I got to see my trainer and the missionary he is now training! It was great to see them both! After ZTM, we went on Exchanges with our Zone Leaders! It was really good! I was on Exchanges with Elder Allen in New Orleans! We covered a good chunk of New Orleans, really made me realize how little i like the city! Not  that it was a bad place I’m  just not a fan of tight roads, lots of people and lovely traffic! So  they had told us Friday night that we were going to be doing some service for a member and that was all they said. Saturday morning was a chore. That service our Zone leaders said we were going to be doing ended up being a interesting time. So we get to the place and we walk into the apartment(which was NASTY btw) and you can see the kitchen.  There was a room to the right of us that sounds like there was a tornado going on in it and the bishop asks us if we have ever tried to catch lions. He told us he was joking and that there are just 4 cats that we need to put in cagebox thingy and well…. thankfully, we got them in one of the smaller rooms! BTW was shredded couches flipped over and everything else torn up!(pillows,sheets clothing) Well, if you have ever tried to catch 4 wild, scared and cranky cats and then put them in a cage/box it DOES not go well…. at all. Let’s just say my hand got mauled by a cat… gloves did not help.. at all… well we (I got both them with a pillow to save my already scratched up hand, no one else could get them in with out feeling their claws) got them in and we could not find the last 2…. they disappeared! We searched everywhere in the apartment… and could not find them.
Sunday, was really good! About  half way through sacrament meeting a lady waved my companion and I to come out to the hall. She spoke Spanish and very little English. Thankfully, a member was able to translate for us! It was weird because as they spoke, I could under stand what the subject was! She was visiting for 2 weeks and took her sister’s kids to church with her! They  spoke English really well and is helping them get to know the church better! After  church we studied and then had planned on tracting but it poured, really really hard! We went to see some less-actives and then headed back to our apartment so our ward mission leaders son could pick us up for dinner! We had to drive really slow due to all the rain…. 
I sent home 2 boxes . Could you put them with the rest of my stuff? Thank you. I could use some spices. The food’s okay. My companion cant have corn so and I can’t have dairy, that makes it hard for members to feed us..

Blessings are from God. There  are amazing sources for answers and for help in things you need! The lord knows you better then anyone else and He  provides a way for you to do the work that He has for you to do!He provides a way in everything! The  ward is doing really good! They are helpful and changes the lessons to the needs of investigators that come! Its  been really really nice and they include the missionaries in EVERYTHING! It’s good but keeps you really busy! Can y’all pray for Roshell, Curtis, Dwen, and Jeff?

Hope y’all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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