Week 84 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Tuesday-Wednesday we didn’t get to do much because my companion ate some corn and got a bit sick. He’s fine now, it just knocked him down for a 1 1/2 days…. we did get to do some tracting and tried to follow up with some people! A few of them were home but most were not.

Thursday, we had specialized training, it was great! One of the senior couples talked about keeping your apartment clean and how the spirit can not dwell in an unclean place! Our mission president talked about personal revelation!  We also had a visitor from Salt Lake come and inspect the cars and fix/update the tiwi’s! We have a little box that screams at us if we speed, get the RPM’s to high or hit the breaks to hard! Thankfully, I’m not the driver! Oh, how I miss a bike, hahaha! After the meeting, I had a couple of questions for my mission President so we sat down and talked for 15mins or so! The reason why you see few young guy’s in high positions:the older one have so much more experience and wisdom! Wisdom is the correcapplication of the knowledge you have so in all honesty you dont need to be smart to be wise or have wisdom! You need to use the knowledge you have! Then we headed over to the Metarie elders apartment to star exchanges! I was in Metarie with ElderStrand!

Friday, we did a bunch of tracting and ended up tracting into a guy that talked with us about bikes and we found a really nice guy who, even though was pretty busy still listened and invited us to come back! We had to go clean the baptismal font, the Metaire elders had a baptism going on Saturday night!

Saturday, we ended exchanges and then I interviewed 2 of the sister’s investigators that will be baptized this coming up Saturday! It was my first time doing a baptismal interview and it went really well! The sister’s did a great job! So because of what the senior couple said during specialized training we cleaned, REALLY CLEANED the apartment! I  learned how true that is! When the place is clean the  spirit can be there so much more stronger! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Jones in Luling! 2 exchanges in 1 week has been busy! Elder jones and I tracted and found a bunch of people that were really open and kind! We met a few people that were clearly not interested! Id rather have some one that does not want us to come back then someone to lie to us and keep wasting our time!

Sunday, I was in Luling so I went to church there! Our ward mission leaders (the one from laplace) son gave a talk there because he is leaving for his mission in about a week! So we got to see our ward mission leader in Laplace!  It is really different being a district leader! Always keeping busy planning exchanges, district meeting and answering younger missionaries questions.  Mostly the sister’s because total mission experience is about 10 months… combined…. one has been out almost 4 months and the other a little more then 6… the rest of us have been out at least 10 months….

Can y’all pray for Roshell, Bo, Nick, Justice and Miranda, Gene, Chris and Keven.  Just a heads up, when I was on exchanges in Metarie elders they had literally no food….. at all. So I bought some to eat and left what I didn’t eat for them. My mission president asked us to make 72 hour kits so I made one.  I’ll get spices and start of next month! We’ve run into a little bit of problems but thankfully not too late much.  We tracted into a policeman and was clearly nervous…. he told us that a lot of cops are getting called to go up to Baton Rouge and  having a really hard time.

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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