Week 85 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Tuesday, we had District meeting! It was pretty good and after that my companion and I weekly planned then tracted! We met an awesome family but they dropped us 3 days later….

Wednesday, we went through part of our area book! We have a bunch of them because there used to be 2 sets of elders! We went and helped someone move a rocking chair! The person moved literally all the pictures off the wall…. but the one I hit….. We tried to contact a bunch of referrals! It was a little bit funny! One of them was completely open and kind until we asked when a good time would be to come by and drop it off… Ive also been studying by topic and that has been great, really helpful!

Thursday, we went out teaching with Brandon Erwin! No one was home so we took him tracting with us! It was different tracting with 3 people but it was fun! When we dropped him off his mum asked us if we wanted to have dinner there! so uh… us being hungry guys, yup! We had dinner there! That family is so funny! Somehow, we got on some interesting topics….. thankfully things ended up flowing to the gospel really well!

Friday was good! We tracted and went and tried to see a lot of people that our bishop asked us to see! A couple of them were okay with us coming back! We finally contacted a referral we have been trying to get ahold of for a while. Saturday, we helped the ward our by running the big vacuum because no one else could run it to clean the church then we went back to the apartment and cleaned up and such! The apartment stunk really bad so while my companion was in the shower I had a feeling to go and check the vents. I found a ton of black mold all over on the inside and so we studied at the church building instead of at our apartment! We had planned on following up with a bunch of people and again everyone was busy so we decided to go and do some tracting! It poured.

Sunday was crazy. Our ward mission leader’s son gave his farewell talk and between family and friends, we had 40 non-members there. It tripled the normal attendance! We had over 140 people there! Our mission president and his wife came and spoke too! During the last hour of church we had interviews with him! It was good! He gave some really good ideas on finding people 🙂 then we went over to our ward mission leaders house and got to meet a ton of his family and friends that are not members! His house was so packed! It’s a bit stressful being in leadership,I’m not a fan!

I know that the Lord looks out for the members of his church! If there is something wrong he will let you know and if your listening you will hear him warning you but you have to listen. So if something doesn’t feel right turn off the music, the TV, go into a different room and get on you knees and ask the Lord what is going on. Something that has really stuck out to me this week is that when you follow your leaders, even when thing make no sense, what ever it may be will work out for the best! I have seen on my mission that when you do all you can the Lord will do the rest. I have seen missionaries with injury’s that should have sent them home and kept them bed ridden be made whole because it was the Lords will and because they have done all they could do out here and would not give up. If something is causing issues, do all you can and when you can’t go any further ask for a blessing! If it is the Lords will you will be made whole both physically and mentally! When you have learned the lessons that the Lord wanted you to learn from that challenge he will take care of the rest! He does not and
will not give us something we can not handle with His help.

Hope y’all have an awesome week! also MY BROTHER (Zachary) GOT HIS MISSION CALL!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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