Week 86 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Well, I found a good quote! It says “He who takes offence when none is intended is a fool. He who takes offence when offence is intended is a bigger fool.”

Monday for P-day, we got to go to the zoo, which was a lot of fun, and about half way through it we got poured on!

Tuesday, we had district meeting! One of the elders did a great job instructing! We went and saw a less-active that had asked us to come over! It was interesting because he had some family over and well…. one of the did not speak any English so he had to translate English to Chinese (or a dialect of it) for us! It went really well, we’re going back this Tuesday.

Wednesday we talked to our apartment people again. Then we got to see one of our investigators, he is doing a lot better! The first time we met him, he had just gotten in a bike wreck and had broken his leg and wrist then we went and did a bible/ book of Mormon study! That was really good and got to answer a lot of questions!

Thursday was busy… we went out teaching with Brandon and got to see a less-active! The Whites fed us and an appointment we had fell through, which ended up being a good thing because I had not been feeling good most of the day and ended getting sick.

Sunday,we had church! The attendance went from over 130 to 32 which was kinda fine with me because I got asked Thursday to give a talk on Prophets. The talk went great! Saturday night, I was finishing it up and for some reason it did not feel right. It ended up half my talk was about prophets and the other half was on Forgiveness. The 2nd half started with “Why are you holding a grudge?” Anyway, the talk went really good! I felt the spirit a lot and even though I didn’t want to give the talk (Im not a fan of public speaking at all.)The Lord helped me out with it all! A member invited us over for lunch after church! and that was good! then we ahd ward coordination with our ward mission leader, that was great! we had a good talk about what we need to do and what’s been going on and such! Something Ive really learned this week is when the Lord commands you do it. He will provide the way!

My companion is from Draper, Utah in Zacharys mission!  Wow!  The mold in our apartment is bad and we are looking for a new apartment.  We have had to stay with the Luiling elders. Can y’all pray for Gene, Bo, Nick, Matthew, Roshell, Curtis, Jeff, the Kale family and the Nwawn family?

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph


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