Week 88 in the mission field




From our son-in-law Ernesto, who works for our church:

This is a picture that one of our translators just sent me. Micah and his companion are fine and helping unload all the relief help that the Church sent to Louisiana. We are very proud of this young man.

Micah does not have internet service right now and in one of the worst flooded areas. They are very busy helping others move, clean or getting needed supplies. He was able to send a message to me through another members Facebook:

Hey mum!

Things are going well! All the flooding is keeping us really busy. My address is 4949 Stumberg apt 2 Baton Rouge, LA 70817 . Hope all is going well at home! We both are safe and kinda dry hahaha…. soooo much water! We’ve been helping people get stuff out and get them out… some did not want to leave…. makes for some interesting times!

Lots of Ward members in Louisiana have been letting us know how our missionaries are doing and they are taking good care of them. They have said that  the area that has never flooded are destroyed. That this flooding is worse than Katrina when it hit. The mission office is under water, as is the stake center. Denham Springs is decimated.




A day after working hard. Feeding the missionaries some beef at the Sant house in Baton Rouge then we will follow up with ice cream.


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