Week 90 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Monday, we took our p-day!We didn’t take it the one before because a lot of people needed help…

Tuesday,  we cleaned out a few houses and that was about it.  Some of them had a ton of mold in the walls :/

Wednesday was interesting. We went and taught a recent convert! That was different. She was baptized a bit ago and is still learning a lot! Her Husband is a returning member and is working on changing a lot of his habits and the way he talks! They are awesome people though! Then we had our district meeting later in the day! It was the first one this transfer because our mission president cancelled all the other ones due to the flooding and that was great! We have an awesome district! We all went out for dinner!

Thursday, we were going to have Exchanges with the zone leaders but a bunch of stuff happened and so the called it off! Then we did a bunch more service! It turned into a 12 hour day and holy cow, it was long. We got the truck that was bringing a tons (literally tons) of relief supplies! The truck didn’t have a ramp and the palette jack we had was a bit to small so we had to unload the whole thing by hand…. yup! all 42,000 pounds! We were a bit short on hands…. needless to say we slept very well that night.

Friday, we did a bunch more service and set up for all the people coming to help!

Saturday, we got picked up by a member and headed to the stake center to figure out what crew we were on then spent the rest of the day cleaning out peoples houses! One of the houses we cleaned out had 3 layers of flooring: hard wood. then some type of stick on floor and then plywood with mortar on it -_- and boy did that stuff NOT want to come up, at all. We took a little break and found a bunch of rotten eggs in the fridge. Joseph Sant and I decided to do a egg toss! We got and held the furthest toss but I threw it up and it hit a tree branch and broke. It kind of splattered one of the sister missionaries that had just come out to take a break. She was not a happy camper.

Sunday was crazy… we got asked to help with the sacrament! There were 700+ people that came to help with the flood clean up! We had 18 trays with 4 slices of bread on each! It took a while to do it all. There were 24 people helping with the sacrament also the stake president was there, so was the mayor and the governor. The church was packed! We didn’t bother setting up chairs, mostly because we did not have enough and the gym was stuffed full of people standing. Then afterwards we headed out to clean and gut out peoples houses! When we finished, we went with a member to his house for lunch!

We did a get to know you during district meeting. I told everyone I butchered back home. One of the sisters started asking a lot of questions and I learned that another sister does not do well with blood or bodily fluids at all. She nearly puked. Snakes and spiders, there are a ton. Thankfully, everything goes away from us! haha! In most areas the water has receded but there are still some areas where it has not. We’ve been really tired but I haven’t been that sore but my companion has.  

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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