Week 91 in the Mission Field





Micah has not been able to write this week. The last two weeks they have had 5-8000 Mormon Helping Hands assisting each week. They still have a lot of work to do helping flood victims. Ward members have taken great care of the missionaries and send the families pictures and note how their missionaries are doing.

Micah is a crew leader and has been able to meet the mayor, govenor of Louisiana and two apostles. In the above picture he is on the stand in the blue tie.

The bottom, left picture is of Micah who accidently met up with his cousin Jon Ralph who came with his wards youth group be a part of Mormon Helping Hands. Great to have an update from Jon how things are going!

The next picture is of Elder Ralph (he is the district leader)and the other missionaries he serves with. We look forward to hearing about each of these great missionaries. This was sent to us by a ward member.

Hi Everyone,

Got to a computer tonight! Most of the week was a bit slow… then the weekend hit!

Tuesday and Wednesday, we did service and that was really about it. We tried to see some less-actives

Thursday, we started weekly planning and then we got a call from someone needing some help cleaning out a house. We get there and the house had not been opened sense the flood happened 3 weeks ago. Long story short, when you go to walk through a room and all you see a a moving carpet of roaches you know it’s not going to be an easy house to do! I still have not been in a house more covered and worse off then that one.OH! I also learned that there are albino roaches!Those thingys look freaky!

Friday, we had our Zone Training Meeting. I went to my first district leader meeting even though I have been one for almost 3 months! My last zone didn’t do them, then I skipped half of ZTM! haha! I had a good reason! One of the assistants to our mission president had to go pick up some food for the meeting from Sister Hansen and his companion had to be at the meeting so they asked me to go on exchanges with them! It took Elder Heath and I about 40 mins to get there, grab the stuff and leave! The part of the meeting I was actually there for was pretty good! Afterwards, we had a zone lunch.  After we finished there, I went on Exchanges with Elder Armstrong!

Saturday was crazy. That morning I was trying to get enough people together so we can head over to peoples houses that needed to be cleaned out.  We needed 8 people and ended up with about 11 and then we needed a crew chief. So my companion asked everyone who they wanted it to be and 8 of the 11 hands pointed at me -_-…. I said no and so my companion said he would do it! Well, where ever my companion goes so do I. So we went to the meeting for the crew chiefs. As we were walking up to the sign up desk they asked who the crew chief was and my lovely companion, Elder Armstrong, decided to throw me under the bus. He told them that it was me. So before i could deny what he said, I had all the paper work in my hands and was being led into a room to get our assignments. We ended up doing 3 houses that day! We had a missionary on my crew that didn’t know what a fridge, that has had things rotting in it for the past 3 weeks, smelled like. We spent the next 3 mins trying not to puke our guts out. If there is a fridge that has been sitting in a house for 3 weeks: DO NOT OPEN IT! I don’t care if it’s “empty” or not. We stopped at about 4:30 so we could end exchanges, get cleaned up and changed to go to a fireside with President Nelson, Elder Ballard, the 1st councilor of the presiding Bishopric, one of the presidency of the quorum of the 70, our area 70 Elder Bluth, our mission and stake Presidents and their wife’s and sister Marriott! It was a great fireside! We were asked not to go unless we had a investigator that came to it! Well, we had 4 and a couple of people who’s houses we had cleaned out come to it too! I have learned to never punch dry wall unless you know where the 2×4 is ! Another thing, make sure the power is turned off to the house, hahaha!! Also some how word got out that I know how to fix bikes,  so I ended up fixing the bike of one of the assistants. Get me the parts and sure I’ll do it.

Sunday, we had sacrament! There were over 900 people that came. We also had President Nelson come to it too! My companion and I were asked to help break the bread and then pass, 24 trays of bread is a ton. As I was walking back from the stage area (that’s where I was assigned to go) I saw the back of someones head and it looked a bit familiar. Well, he turned around and it ended up being my cousin Jon! It was great to see him! It was one of those moments when your thankful that it’s a HUGE meeting with tons of people and everyone is busy trying to meet the apostle and/or get out side to go work on houses.  There’s a good chance that no one is going to report to your mission president for seeing family while on you mission, haha! btw, I had no idea he was even going to be there! So if people happen to pop by and say hello, I cant do anything about that! haha! Then we headed out and went to work! We cleaned out 4 houses. It was different being a crew chief; the phone never stopped ringing but thankfully, we had a great coordinator over all us crew chiefs! He kept us busy and got us the things we needed through out the day! We started at 9:20 and finished about 5:30ish then we Studied and had dinner the rest of the night till 8:30, when I had to do call-ins!

Monday, was pretty good but  because it was Labor Day all the library’s were closed, we didn’t get to email. We did get to spend a good chunk of the day at the Sants house! We played a bunch of board games. We had planned on doing some stuff out side but it poured off and on most of the time then we took pictures as a district! Sadly, 2 of the missionaries were not there, they had other things to do, so we only got 3/4 of the district. After p-day was over we were going to go to a dinner appointment but he called and cancelled. So instead, we are going over there Wednesday and are having dinner! The rest of the night everything fell through.Oh the joys of being on a bike! Gotta call ahead, make appointments and pray the dont cancel as your biking there!

The flood clean up is still a work in progress.  We are tired and sore!  The Governor thanked us and the Mayor made Aug 28 Mormon Helping Hands day.We had a prayer circle with a African american lady after we cleaned out her house! It was awesome, hahah! It had been over 8 months sinse I had been in one. There were not many black people in covington, but man, that lady has a voice!

Mosiah 2:17 is very true.  Service softens hearts.  There were people here against each other and now they are serving each other and love it.  

My younger brother Zachary left on his mission to Salt lake city south! Now there are 2 Elder Ralph’s 😀

Hope y’all have an awesome week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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