Week 92 in the Mission Field

Hello Everyone,

Tuesday, we had District meeting and that was great! 2 of the sisters did a great get to know you activity! Elder Armstrong gave us a instruction about the spirit! He did a really good job! We were planning on having lunch as a district right after district meeting but…. some people needed help sorting donations and getting rid of a bunch of trash so while the food cooked we helped them out!

Wednesday, we went though a couple of potential investigator sheets and tried to see a bunch of them! We got through about 3 people before it started pouring. Thankfully, the one we went to was about half a mile from our apartment so we didn’t get too wet! We had dinner with a member and the stake patriarch was there too! It was great!

Thursday, we had a couple of appointments but they fell through, so we texted good old Gene to see how things were going for him. He invited us to dinner and he had 2 of his co-workers with him! That was probably the funniest dinner I have ever had on my mission! we had Gene, a red neck, Mike, a awesome black guy, and Phillipa a half Mexican and half Spanish guy! All 3 of them were sooo funny! Gene took us to a Mexican restaurant and when the waiter came to give him the check, he asked if they accepted peso -.-………… Phillipa: Really?!? I dont have any Peso on me! Then he told us a rather funny joke , which he and Mike spent the next 5 minuets coughing up the water they breathed in. Mike then decided to tell us all how he fell off a 5 storty building and lived and Gene asked him if he is still a good climber! Mike responded: I can climb but not as fast as I can swim from a shark! Needless to say, they reminded me of the 3 stooges!

Friday, we went through our area book! and tried to follow up with a bunch of people! The flooding has made things a bit interesting because the area’s that got flooded no one is home that often due to not being able to live there.

Saturday was good and bad…. We had our zone conference which was awesome! Our mission president started off his instruction by giving the whole zone a bunch of marriage advice! Telling us how him and Sister Hansen met which was a bit odd. The meeting went a bit over…. President Hansen asked a bunch of companionship’s to instruct on different topics. They had about 10-15 mins to do it and some of them went 20-30 mins  but they all were really good! After Zone Conference Elder Dobie and I didn’t get to do much. I some how accidentally ate dairy and spent a good amount of time in the bathroom and my companion had not been feeling good for the past few days.

Sunday was interesting. It was my first normal Sunday in 4 weeks so I had not been able to meet many of the ward members. This ward hasn’t had missionaries that either have done much at all or couldn’t do much missionary work due to being Office elders and/or Assistants to our mission president (both of which keep you really busy running the mission) so the I was expecting the ward to be a bit cold towards us. Well…. I was wrong… really wrong. They were probably the warmest ward I have served in! Just before Sacrament meeting all but 1 of the speakers cancelled so Brother Able asked our Mission President to speak! Before church was over, we got invited to 3 dinners at peoples houses I have not met before and 4 that I got to work with during all the flooding!

I’ve really learned this week that the Lord has a great sense of humor! Be careful what you ask for! He’ll give it to you and then you’ll ask “you had to do it in that way?”It’s honestly pretty entertaining! I’ve had a bunch of questions… to be specific, I asked the Lord to send me somewhere where the ward loved the missionaries and well…. I got sent here! Literally 2 days before all the flooding! The ward wasn’t too fond of us when we got here but thanks to that flood, we all are one big happy family! haha!

The clean up is basically done… all that’s really left is the stuff contractors do….Elder Nelson is a pretty funny guy! I got to shake their hands.  They talked about enduring to the end, trusting in the Lord and about how we all are Gods children! Hope y’all have an awesome week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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