Week 93 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Tuesday, we had our district meeting! 2 of the sister’s in my district are going home early due to tons of health issues soooooo we did a normal district meeting then did a farewell thing for both of the sisters! It honestly was really funny! So as missionaries, when you enter the mission you are “born” and when you leave the mission (go home) you die… soooo we did a funeral for both of them! We had their companions say a few things and well…. when your “dead” you normally dont talk. One of the “dead” sisters was commenting during the whole thing and cracking jokes… it was really funny!

Wednesday, went well! We got to meet a couple of investigators and a few former investigators! They all were great and we got return appointments with them!

Thursday was a bit long… we weekly planned and I went through our 2 area books. Because we’re on bikes, we gave everyone who was 7+ miles away one way to the sisters. I think it ended up being about 20ish people or family’s so that’ll keep them really busy for the next while!We met some guy on the street who gave us his info and wants to meet with us! A member took us out to dinner and it was great!

Friday, we got soaked. We headed out to go see some investigators and stopped by 2 of the 5 houses then it started pouring. Thankfully, there was an A/C supply store about half a mile away so we spent the next 2ish hours there! We had a great conversation with the guys that worked there! One said almost nothing, another one talked alot about how he doesn’t go to church because all the churches either want your money and/or dont live what they preach and the last guy spent most of the time asking question after question after question! It was great! He doesn’t understand somethings but he agreed and loved a ton of what we talked about! It helped me understand that Gods work still goes on even on days not much gets done!

Saturday, it rained off and on a lot… we tried to see some part member families in between the rain sessions!

Sunday, we were asked last minute to teach Elders Quorum! I was asked about 3 minutes before sacrament meeting started to give a missionary moment! The lesson went really well, then after church we had lunch and went to an appointment! Sadly, it fell through… then we biked around and did some contacting! People are alot friendlier since all the flooding!

Monday was an interesting day… we biked a bit to go to some appointments and see a few former investigators in the area we were at. Again, no one was home at any of the places. It was really hot and we were running out of water so we decided to make a pit stop at our bishop’s house to fill up on water! He not only gave us water but fed us lunch too! Then we were heading to an appointment and still had 30ish minuets to spare so we decided to do some tracting! Our appointment with a recent convert kind of fell through…. she has was home but cutting people hair… so we helped her out around the house for a bit then headed over to another appointment. Later, that night we had dinner at a members house and he invited the Reynolds to come too! It was great and we had a awesome gospel discussion! Sticking with the doctrine is best. Then the spirit can be with you a whole ton more!

I’ve been studying about discernment and I had a bunch of questions about stuff that didn’t make sense and they all got answered Monday night when we were having dinner at a members house!

Can y’all pray for Gene Young, Bo, Nick, Ms Patti, Gene and the Horacek family?

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph


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