Week 94 in the Mission Field



Hi everyone,

Things have picked up a bit this week!

Wednesday morning, we had an appointment with an investigator and it went really well then we came back and had lunch! After that we went over to a recent convert’s house! It was interesting because when we walked in 2 of his brothers spent the next 20 minuets talking to us about how much the Mormons helped with all the flooding! It was great because it softened their hearts and they are a ton more open and kind now! We are teaching the recent convert how to read! It has been amazing because he reads out of the book of Mormon and has a little bit of a hard time but slowly he starts to do better and better! When he tried to read other books he can’t seem to read them nearly as well. After that we did some tracting and tracted into a really nice older lady! Not interested in what we have to say but kept on talking to us! We then headed back to our apartment so a member could pick us up for dinner! btw he bought a new truck and well… it is about 4 feet off the ground…….that dinner was a miracle! He pulled into Canes so we all could eat and as he pulled up he stopped and turned to the 3 of us (he had his friend Mike with him) and said “I p dont think we should eat here tonight. Lets go to Outback steak house.” Well, honestly, we all were completely for that! haha! When we got there we ordered and then our waiter came back a few times and towards the end he ended up asking us why we (my companion and I) were so dressed up! So being a missionary, we told him why! He asked sooo many questions! We ended up teaching him about the restoration and inviting him to church! He told us that all he and a bunch of friends do on Sundays was go to work or sit around when they had work off! So on a weeks he doesn’t have work he said he’d come and bring a his friends with him! Mike, the members friend, opened up to us a ton!

Thursday, we went over to the mission office and helped them get things set up! While I made shelves, my companion entered in a lot of baptismal records! Because of the office getting flooded out, moving it to 2 different places, they were really behind on everything! We had to leave before everything was done so we could get to an appointment with Ms Kathie! We did a good bit of tracting!

Friday, we had the first district meeting of this transfer! It was good! We have 5 new missionaries in the district so that was a bit of a big change! There are 6 elders and 2 sisters in the district! and well…… 4 of the elders are on bikes! So we all got to cram into the truck! It was a bit tight… just because the truck/car has 6 seats doesn’t meant everyone will fit comfortably! After district meeting we did some more tracting and got picked up by a member for dinner!

Saturday was busy! We had planned on going to see a less-active and his non-member brother and on the bike ride over there we passed a u-haul truck. I felt like we should stop and see if they needed any help! well… we spent the next 3 hours unloading and loading the truck! There were a total of 5 of us! so lots of work and not many hands! We had to leave for an appointment before everything was finished… and after the appointment we had to take a break.
It was hot and humid so by the time we got back to he apartment. I looked like I went swimming. We rehydrated and cooled down for about 45 minuets and then headed over to our ward mission leaders house for coordination meeting! His house has no wall’s inside, no light or AC! yup! that’s what a flood will do!

Sunday, we got picked up for church and it was good! The lesson in gospel principles was interesting… and very open! I think only the 4 missionaries were the only ones who are not married or had been married at one point. We then came back and did our studies! Later, Sunday night the sisters called and asked for our help…. they needed us to remove a dead cat that looked more like a balloon then a cat… from a less-active porch…. the sisters would not go anywhere near the thing…. The less-active asked if anyone knew how to fix a few things around the house so I helped out with that stuff! We then headed back to finish our dinner, haha!

I’m excited to show the family around my mission.  Just don’t tell me
how many days I have left so I don’t get trunky. Would y’all be able to be down here by Wednesday night? I want y’all to meet my MTC companion! They leave really early in the morning Thursday.

I’ve learned that with the companions that I have had, you cant make then do anything and God won’t because he wants them to learn and grow. God won’t take away anyone agency, he’ll help them make right choices and encourage them but he will not make them. A elder, that has been having a hard time staying out on his mission, went over and helped someone out. He has one ly been out a little more then 3 months, we had a really good talk and it helped him get his mind off of home and figure things out. Can y’all pray for Gene Young, Matthew, Mike, Ms Patti, Nick and Limmie?

Tell Ernesto I say Happy birthday!

Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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