Week 95 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Tuesday, we had District meeting and I had the instruction! I was asked about 18 hours before the meeting started to give it, haha! It went well! My topic was the spirit and for the activity Elder Hardick bought a game called bean boozled. It was probably the nastiest game I’ve played. There are about 10 different colored jelly beans and each color has 2 flavors! One is lime and the other might be tooth past or something. The beans look completely alike so you cant tell the difference. I ended up with dog food, barf, rotten egg and spoiled milk. It was nasty. The worst was probably the rotten egg because the taste did not go away and when it did your breath smelled like rotten eggs for a long time. The barf hits you like a brick but goes away pretty fast! After District meeting we all went out to eat because a member gave us all gift cards then Brother keen took us out to eat!

Wednesday, we got to see Ms Patti! Our ward mission leader Brother Smith came with us to see her! It was amazing how that worked out! They both had a lot in common and he was able to help her with some family problems then he took us out to lunch! We headed over to the mission office to help organize the commissary for the office couple because Elder Corbett did something to his back… and wow! There was a ton to do! Thankfully, the Spanish Elders showed up with Elder Jensen so they helped me out a ton! We went with brother Keen to help him move his Non-member daughter! They really needed the help…. they had to be out by Friday and only had things packed.. nothing moved out.

Thursday, we cleaned out 2 more houses with a bunch of Jewish people! That was going great until the owner of the house told us that her cast iron tub needed to go out too…….. wholly cow! That thing was heavy! It took 3 of us and 5 minuets to get it out… we had a 6’3″ 300 pound foot ball player, one of the larger Jewish guy and I… the thing weighed more then we did… as we were driving back from cleaning up the last house Brother Keen called and asked us if we were ready to help him move his Non-member daughter! We only had time to grab a quick snack and head back out! After that, we dropped a few things off at his house before he took us home!

Friday, our appointment in the morning canceled on us and then we got a text from the office couple asking for our help again! This time I got all the stuff the missionaries needed for the month in boxes for them and they fed us lunch 🙂 As we headed over to go see a recent convert my companions tire went flat…. we checked it and it looked like someone slashed his tire. So we ended up walking the last mile… we had a bunch of stuff planned but no tire no biking…. Gene Duncan took us out for dinner! That was a lot of fun! Mike didn’t come this time, he was not feeling good.

Saturday, we had General conference! It was great! We watched both sessions at the stake center! My favorite talk was president Monsons about the word of Wisdom. It helped me realize a couple of things.

Sunday, we watched the first session at the stake center and the second one at the mission home! They fed us lunch! All the different sessions talked a ton about having joy in hard times and repentance! We went over to see a couple of investigators but I think the LSU game was on so no one had time………..

I’ll need to get some pants. Caught one is the bike and the other ripped the back side. It’s hard to send pictures since the library computers are not so good. Baton Rouge is a very busy place, tons of cars and lots of people. People are friendlier than they used to be. They really appreciated the help the Mormons did for them. One of the missionary’s dad is bringing in a crew to help put up dry wall. He asked the mission president if the missionaries can help so I guess we will be doing that for a bit too.

Hope y’all have an awesome week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph


picture below is an inside joke!



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