Week 96 in the Mission Field


Hi everyone,

This week been a bit crazy.
Tuesday, we worked in the office! The senior couple were a bit stressed because they had to get all the things missionaries ordered by Wednesday! They had maybe 1/4 done… it took us about 4 hours to finish! They then took us and the Denham Zone Leaders out to lunch! The zone leaders had to get their car fixed in Baton Rouge and were with the senior couple! It still amazes me how much food some skinny guys can eat.We had a few appointments set up but one cancelled and the other wasn’t home…
Wednesday, we were planning on see Ms Patti with our ward mission leader! He called that morning and cancelled because he wasn’t feeling good and then about 5 minuets later , Ms Patti texted and said she was sick so we offered to come over and give her a blessing which she thankfully said was okay! As we were biking to her house, my companion’s bike started having issues, fixed that quickly and then my bike started having issues again and making funny sounds. Once  we got there things went well but man. getting there was a pain in the butt! We went over to see a recent convert that we’ve been teaching how to read! A member bought him some reading glasses and that has helped a ton! He is doing so much better. We biked over to the bike shop so my companion could get it fixed! While they fixed his I worked on mine… and thought I fixed it! The bike repair guy asked if I wanted him to take a look at my bike. I said no because I’d rather fix it (or learn how).

Thursday, we weekly planned and did a bunch of tracting! I’m  still confused at why people think we are soliciting…. I’ve talked to officers and our mission president. Both say that we are not breaking any laws… yet some people insist that are selling things.  We are literally giving you the book of Mormon, any pamphlets and what ever else comes with the gospel on a silver platter,  free of any kind of charge. On the way to see a bunch of member’s who got flooded that our bishop asked us check up on, our mission president called! Long story short, trying to get a phone out of your pocket while biking down a road with a 3 inch shoulder is not an easy task. He called to let us know about some changes in service and to see how things are going! Because we were biking, he said to call him later! Here in LA, there is a law that say’s cars have to give us biker’s a 3 feet of room to pass us. Well, when you can reach out and put your elbow on a bus, I’m  pretty sure that is not 3 feet. at all…. but hey, that’s the life of a biking missionary!
Friday, we had our Zone Training Meeting! It was a great learning experience! Lately I have  been trying to figure out and praying that I might learn what I need to work on and the lord answered Tuesday/Wednesday and then really reinforced it Friday. A swift kick in the butt every once in a while (or every day haha) is healthy! The things about going through things like that is not just getting through it, but learning from it and DOING something about it! We had exchanges! I was in Tiger Bend with Elder Soloman! It was soo much fun! We had a ton planned… until we were biking from a recent convert’s house and my bike started making funny sounds again… well….. we get back to our apartment and Im taking my bike apart and the back wheel is completely frozen up… so yup! It was the ball barrings again… a member picked us up and took us over to the bike shop. haha! The guy at the counter said somethings along the lines of “weren’t y’all in here a few days ago?”I also learned that they get alot of business from us missionaries! I mean like a ton. Its the place where a good amount of the 150+ missionaries get their bikes fixed/new bikes and parts from! So  when they are fixing bikes they give us a discount then the member too us out to dinner! His power steering went out…. that made the trip interesting… we had to stop and get some fluid for it… Elder Soloman learned that raw oysters are not for him… he ate 2 and and his throat started to feel a bit funny and it started to swell.  Thankfully,  went away pretty fast… by the time we got back to our apartment he had a rash all over his neck.  Don’t worry, he’s is fine!

Saturday was crazy busy! The  dad of one of the elders in this mission came down and with a bunch of crews to put sheet rock up in peoples houses for free! He asked our mission president if the missionaries could help his crews and speed things up! So we got picked up at 10 and didn’t stop working till about 7! We stayed really busy all day! After all the service, we went with the Assistants to end exchanges! They are the only set of elders that have a car in the district so they do a bit of driving……

Sunday, we had church!we learned that the boundary’s of the wards in Baton Rouge are being changed! They might be dissolving a ward because of all the flooding so our area could get a ton bigger or smaller. We’ll find out next Sunday! We had planned on going tracting but we felt like we needed to go check up on a lady we helped move in a few weeks ago! We ended up teaching her and her mother the restoration! Things went really well! They had some good questions and asked if we worshiped Joseph Smith. Once we explained that we only worship Christ and that Joseph Smith is just a prophet, they both were a lot more open! We had dinner at a members house later that night! We had a great discussion!
Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph


Elder Ralph and his companion had a unique opportunity to volunteer each week at a Horse Therapy facility.  The Newspapers did a feature about a boy they helped who has spina Bifada.  you can see it at: http://www.heraldguide.com/details.php?id=17571


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