Week 98 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

It’s been a bit of a long week! I’m short on time and the computers are having issues! So long story short, lots of service, tons of stuff falling through and tracting!

Hope all is good! I will send everything that went on this week nextweek!
haha! I was able to get to a library that actually works! All the libraries in the Parrish (like 2/3s of Baton Rouge) were not working so thanks to the AP’s we were able to get to one!

Tuesday, we had District meeting and that was awesome! Sister Anderson gave a great instruction! She based it off of a talk but sadly, I forgot to ask which talk it was. The other sister in the district had the activity…. it was…. different. Really  funny but different! The  game is called snorts…. basically one person has to guess who the person across from them is only by hearing them snort. I’m not sure if it’s good that 8 out of 10 times a sister is guessed as an elder. I guess she has a manly snort… it was a lot of fun! After district meeting we started exchanges! Elder Shaddick and I went with our Ward mission leader to help a friend put up sheet rock in his sister’s house! I learned to always watch where your cutting with a razor blade! No, I did not cut myself… although I did send the razor blade flying across the room! I hit some wiring.. that had electricity running through it… shocking experience? I think, yes. 
Wednesday, we met with our investigator Ms Patti and she is doing good! The lesson was a bit all over the place, literally. Some people (companion) love to talk about every gospel subject known to man, which honestly is great! Just not when your teaching a investigator. We went over to the office to help Sister Corbett with some stuff! Elder Jensen (he’s over all the cars) asked us if both of us could drive. We got signed up to go and pick up the 3 new cars the mission got, take them to get their inspection stickers and the hitch welded on! Those are some nice cars! The 2 we got to drive had 11 miles on it! so yes… very nice and new! We tracted for a bit then headed back to the apartment so a member could pick us up for dinner then we came back and ended exchanges! 

Thursday, we weekly planned like normal then went and helped Carlos learn to read! We  met with the North elders so we could go over the list of people that moved into the ward and figure out who is active and who is not! We went out to dinner with Gene and it was great! Once we sat down at the restaurant Gene told the waiter to just bring me a whole pitcher of water and save herself a ton of work (yes, Im a camel. I drink alot of water!) so I went through about 2 pitchers…. 

Friday, we did some service at the office again! We finally finished up 1 of the projects that sister Corbett had for us to doand again the office was short drivers so we got asked to go get the cars from the Uhaul place! I did all the driving because my companion cant drive. Our bishop asked us to come and help with some stuff but ended up cancelling because they got it done a ton faster then they thought! We did a bunch of tracting but sadly, literally all of the houses had gates out front so we put pass-along cards in the gate! haha! A older lady gave me the nastiest look! It ended up being a bit of a stressful day…. thankfully, the North elders needed some help so we helped them out for about an hour
Saturday, we had our ward coordination meeting in the morning and that went well! There was a ton to talk about and do because we just had 249 members move into the ward! Basically, all day until it was dark and people wouldn’t open their doors… 
Sunday was good! Sadly, one of our investigators cancelled 20 minutes before church and the set appointments we had cancelled too but we had church! We got to meet some of the new members! 2 older members came up to me and offered to give us rides to where ever we needed to go when ever we needed it which is a huge blessing being on a bike! I love biking and all but not in the city. If. it wasn’t for god protecting us, I’d be a flat road kill 2 months ago. Some people here are okay drivers, most just dont know what turn signals are or care to use them. We got back from Church, we ate a quick lunch and then headed over to Ms. Kathies  house! She and her husband are getting sealed this Friday! We spent 20 mins there, went over to a dinner appointment and then came back and finished up our studies! 
Can y’all pray for Gene Duncan, Gene Young, Mike, Ms Patti, Ms Kandie, and Janice? It’s only in the 60-80’s and I’m cold! D&C 42:48 really stuck out to me and I learned a ton! We got to do a ton of service, putting peoples houses together is actually pretty fun! The first picture is do some sister’s I know had a fun time with a tire that loved to go flat when there was apparently nothing wrong with it and the other one is Elder Shaddick in one of the new cars! Please tell all the Seminary kids I say thank you! I looked up all the scriptures the put in the package! I loved the one about biking!

Hope y’all have an awesome week! love y’all
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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