Week 99 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone, 

Well, I’m  staying in Tiger Bend for another 6 weeks and then I will be transferred out!( home to my parents)
Tuesday, we up dated the area book and then did a load of tracting. We tried to meet with a few less-actives and followed up with a referral!  

Wednesday, morning we got to go see Ms. Patti  with Kathie Hearold, things went really really well! We went and saw Carlos again and he’s doing great! We then had an appointment with a less-active! Thankfully,  he was there! We’ve had a bunch of people set up appointments with us and then not be there.
Thursday, we planned for next week, got to see Bill and Kathie! They were sealed in the temple Friday! Sadly, we couldn’t go to it… and while we were with Bill, I got to see a couple of missionaries that i served around a while ago that came back to see Bill and Kathie  sealed! It was great to see them! We went out to dinner with Gene Duncan. At the restaurant our waitress and her Boy friend used to meet with the missionaries in New Orleans! She told us that one of them got moved up to Baton Rouge a couple of months ago! So I gave her a few names and she thought she recognized one of them so we asked that missionary to come over and see her.  So when the elder got there she turned and told us that he was not the one she knew! She was pretty embarrassed! Thankfully, we finally did figure out who it was! A couple of people asked us if we were Mormons or Jehovah witnesses and we had a few good conversations!
Friday, we had a zone meeting which was good! Things were changed up a bit! We are having Zone training meetings, interviews and Zone conferences once a transfer instead of switching every month! So that’ll make things a bit different! Right before the meeting started, we got call from Elder Jensen from the mission office and he asked if we were close to the mission office. I said no and so he told us he needed our bikes… my first thought was ” Not the bike too!. walking will make the work here stop.” Thankfully, he just needed to check some stuff on the new cars then we went and did some tracting… 

Saturday, we got to do some more tracting and met with Carlos again! Our ward mission leader picked us up and took us to a pizza party some members put on! It was a lot of fun and we asked them to find some people for us to teach! The ward here is being really helpful!
Sunday Morning, we texted one of our investigators Ms patti about coming to church.  She said she could! We got picked up by our ward mission leader and actually got invited into one of the early morning meetings! Normally, we dont go into the meetings! Ms Patti came to church! We have been tying to get her to come to church for the past 3 months! She  loved it! She had to leave early to get to work but at least she came to church! We were invited to a members house for a late lunch! After that we tried to see a investigator before we go picked up for dinner but she wan’t home…. 
Monday, we had a lesson with Ms Patti! Sister Bluth came with us to go see her and the lesson went great! We were picked up by Bill because his wife wanted us to spend sometime with him! He used to be less-active and is a ward missionary.  He is a bit rough around the edges but a great guy! We are  working with him :

Something  Ive learned this week is that when you think you finally have something down, that’s when you really need to work on it the most then you will learn more then before! I’ve been studying about Hope and Charity! I have also been listening to the conference talks from the 70’s! Le grand Richards does a really really good job! I love them! 

Hope y’all have an awesome week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph


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