Week 100 in the Mission Field

Elder Armstrong and I! He was in Baton Rouge to get the car checked out and inspected! 

Hi everyone,

Sothis week, we had transfers! My new companion is Elder Gordon and is from Washington! He has been out a total of 3 months! Nice and green!

Wednesday, I went on exchanges with elder Roy. While we both waited on our new companions! We finished up studies and made lunch while we waited! Once they got to the apartment we headed off to go do some shopping! It was transfers and the start of the month so we were basically out of food! We had a few appointments set up for later that night and well… they all cancelled on us… with in 20 minutes.
Thursday, we weekly planned and did a ton of tracting! We tried to see one of our investigators but she was at the hospital with her dad.p and then gene took us out for dinner! One of the missionaries thought it was a good idea to text everyone(including a bunch of members…..) that it was someones birthday (mine) sooooo basically our phone didn’t stop ringing… but hey, it ended up being a awesome birthday! 
Friday, we had our district meeting and that was a lot of fun! I was asked to give the spiritual thought! I did it from D&C 10:5 and 82:10 and it turned out well! I also learned that the other new elder in the district is Elder Mayer! Hwas my companion in Laplace before I was sent to Baton Rouge! hahaha! Exchanges  are gonna be awesome! Good luck feeding us Baton Rouge! No corn, soy, or dairy! I still have no idea how the ward in Laplace fed us! We went out and tracted a street we felt really strongly we needed to go to and ran into a less-active member! We had a great lesson with them. They invited us back to have dinner with them this Wednesday! We had to high tail it back to our apartment so we could get picked up by a member to go see a bunch of less-actives. One of them that we saw served his mission here 10 years before and served in 3 of my past areas! 
Saturday, we had our ward coordination meeting in the morning and found out that one of the sisters in the ward broke her foot. We tracted some more, met with Carlos and did some more tracting! We came back to our apartment because a guy that lives across from us offered to feed us! Dang, that guy can cook! It was really good and incredibly spicy. 
Sunday was fun! We had church and were asked to teach a class 10 minutes before it started! After church, we did some more tracting and then got picked up by the Rabalais! (good luck pronouncing that!) The family is a bundle of fun! 
The weather has gotten a bit cooler, it’s nice.

Sometimes, we never find out why the spirit asks us to do stuff but it is always good to follow it! A hint of advice, never go in the gehtto parts at night. Its not safe or a good idea.  The Lord protects his people but he does not protect them when they do stupid things. The ward is great, they are doing pretty good! My studies are going well! I’m in 2 Nephi and Ive been reading through the bible dictionary! There is a ton of stuff in that thing! If you need something ask the Lord but make sure you specific with what you ask for! Ive really learned that the Lord is always preparing people! He puts people in your path to help you get the things he wants you to do done! something funny… a member took us out to dinner and on the way back he ran out of gas, haha! We ended up having a great talk with him! He has been having a hard time. Dinners  have been great! We’ve been eating a lot of cajun food, some of it is a bit spicy…. like really hot. I love the area, it’s great! People are a ton nicer since  the flood and Im not getting things thrown at me! haha! The Lord has really taught me to not take thing personally.. it’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow but a good one to! Just do what the Lord asks you to do!  It’s better that way.

Hope y’all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

We knocked on the door at this house.

Stuff on someone’s porch.

All of us at lunch

A sign at a restaurant a member took us to. Great spelling right? 

The sisters made me soy and dairy free brownies!

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