Honorable Mission Release date letter


11 November 2016
Brother and Sister Ralph

6634 Middleboro Rd.

Blanchester, Ohio 45107

Dear Brother and Sister Ralph,

This letter is to advise you that your son, Elder Micah Andrew Ralph, will be returning home from the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission on December 15,2016.

Your son has filled an honorable mission. We hope you have shared the unique experiences of his mission through his letters and emails. He has had some difficult assignments and some outstanding spiritual experiences as he has served our Father in Heaven. We are grateful for his unselfish end and loving service for the Lord and His kingdom.

Elder Ralph’s capacity to serve has greatly increased.  He will make major contributions to the kingdom hereafter. He has touched the lives of many people. It is a great achievement to receive an honorable release after having served faithfully and obediently.

We express our deep gratitude to you as parents, for the support you have given in preparing and sustaining your son to serve successfully. We send our love and appreciation and ask the Lord’s blessing to be upon you and your family.

Faithfully yours,

Reed Hansen, President.                                                                                                Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission


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