Week 101 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone, 

Tuesday, we had our district meeting! It was really good! Elder Heath gave a great instruction and he talked a lot about learning from the scriptures! Our district leader was getting sick… he was really out of it…. we came back to our apartment and then headed out to do some tracting!p, which went really well! We met a bunch of really good people and got a couple of return appointments then our ward mission leader picked us up and took us out to dinner! We tried to see a less-active that lives in our apartment complex, he wasn’t home though…
Wednesday, we did a lot more tracting… and got some more return appointments then we went and saw a recent convert and helped him learn how to read! Both my companion and I felt like we needed to be talking about the book of Mormon a lot more and give them to people so we passed out a bunch! We felt like we needed to go to a road that had no name on any maps and we found a huge apartment complex! We started tracting that apartment complex! It has about 1400 apartments… so yes, that’ll keep us busy! 
Thursday, we weekly planned like we normally do and then ended up having to go to the store because well… we had an egg left… and lots of pancake mix…. but just an egg… so we went and bought 15 dozen eggs! It ended up being about 60 cents per dozen,  that was a huge blessing! We came back and tracted. We met a couple of people that accepted a book of Mormon and said we could come back. One of the ladies we met had a golden retriever! It was mixed with something but it was a awesome dog! 
Friday morning, we updated the area book! We had a lot to fill out… making new teaching records and updating other stuff!  We spent the rest of the day knocking on peoples doors! One of the doors we knocked on the guy opened it up, saw us and got really angry and slammed the door… I’ve been out for a long time and I have never had my ears ring so bad from someone slamming the door so hard. I’m  honestly kind of surprised he didn’t break the door but hey, we all have bad days. About 5 houses later we tracted into a guy  named Jared who accepted a book of Mormon and invited us back! We taught him the restoration and he opened up to us a lot then we had dinner at a members house!
Saturday was a bit crazy…. we had 2 appointments in the morning. One of which we had to move to another day because both my companion and I have been trying to find a place to do service at. We found one and felt like we really needed to go to it. The other appointment cancelled on us…. then we had to get back, make lunch, then head out to go see Carlos, then head back to eat the lunch we made and 10 minuets later high tail it over to the mission home to have interviews with our mission president! We had to come back and finish up eating lunch!  haha…. then we tracted the rest of the day,  it was a pretty busy day… 

Sunday, we were picked up by our ward mission leader for church! We were walking in the 2nd hour and got asked to go set up a ton of chairs and tables. Earlier  in the week, we got asked to teach 3rd hour which turned out really really well! It answered a lot of questions some people we’ve been working with had! A bunch of the people thanked us for teaching. After church, we had a linger longer, basically a ward lunch! It was great.  Towards the end of it we got our meal calendar back and no one had signed up…. our ward mission leader saw it and asked for it then went around asking people to feed us! After  church we went and followed up with a bunch of people,  got dropped by one person and another was sick… and we went to follow up with a referral we were asked to go to then we did more tracting. We got back that night and my odometer on my bike broke :/ it lasted about 11 months…. even though it got soaked a ton. 
My companion is great.  He is new so it’s been a learning experience. It’s great working with someone who wants to go work! The sister with the broken foot does not have to have surgery so she can stay in the mission. It’s been in the 60’s and I’m freezing. I had to get a jacket and hat back out this week. I’m going to be a block of ice when I get home.  I’m not a fan of ghetto’s at all. My birthday was great! A bunch of missionaries surprised me with a couple of things! 2 of them showed up at our apartment and told me to get in the car.. then took me out to lunch! One for the sisters took it upon her to tell loads of people it was my birthday.  I got lots of texts and calls. I’ve been studying in 2Nephi! It’s been talking a lot about Isaiah! Proverbs 3:5-6 is a lot easier said then done but the lord always provides a way! I will need some clothes when I get home.  Don’t want to freeze! I am looking forward to showing the family around my mission!

Hope y’all have an awesome week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph 


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