Week 102 in the Mission Field


Hi everyone,

Monday night, we had a lesson planned with a less-active but he had to cancel due to some health issues so we went to a members for dinner and on the way we stopped and helped a guy move into his apartment! He asked us if we could help him stop smoking, which normally we are the ones asking if they want to stop!
Tuesday morning, we went by the mission office so we could pick up some more Book of Mormons and then came back and had lunch. We headed out and tracted for the rest of the day! Later that night a member came by and picked us up for dinner! They cooked us some really good gumbo! It was a huge blessing that they could pick us up because it’s a 25 minutes drive to their house! Saved us about 20 miles ūüėÄ although on the way back the drive got a bit confused and lost…. soooo the drive back went from 25 minuets to about 50……. it was kind of funny… me: “take a right here, it’s a bit shorter”, the driver : “no that not our turn”, me again” that’s our road.” driver, ¬†” no that ‘s not it… it’s a few miles further”. This went on for about 10 minutes and ended with Driver’s wife saying “honey, we’re taking them home right?”, Driver “oh, I thought we were going back to our house…”. The wife: “well I’m ¬†not sure where your going but our house is the other wa!” We ended up on the other side of Baton Rouge, haha! That ¬†was a fun night….
Wednesday, we got to do some service at the food bank then we had to get back quickly, shower and change then head over to a appointment we had with one of our investigators! It went pretty well! We came back for a 20 minute lunch and headed out to another appointment,  came back and finished lunch. We did a bunch of tracting! We were only planning on doing only an hour but a appointment we had cancelled on us so we ended up doing about 3 hours then heading over to go see the Hargus family!
Thursday, we had zone conference and that took a while because we are on bikes we needed to get a ride from someone who has a car. So we got picked up at 8:30 so they could get their car inspections done before the meeting at 10! The meeting didn’t get out till about 2:30 and on the way back we got stuck in traffic so we were about 40 mins late for the appointment with our apartment inspector who got there a bit early. It was a bit of a long day but I learned a ton about the Plan of Salvation at Zone Conference! We spent the rest of the day tracting and we finished up our studies!

The start of Friday was a bit frustrating. We got a referral that was pretty far out there and both of us felt really strongly that we needed to go see it so we called and set up an appointment for 11:30. ¬†We got about 3 miles out and I hit a curb or something. My back tire went flat and the rib got a bit bent so thankfully, we were only 1/2 mile from the North elders apartment so we walked over there and got a ride from the Spanish elders back to our apartment! One of the north elders let me borrow a inner tube for my bike so I could bike over to the bike shop and have them fix my bent rim and such. So we spent the morning repairing my bike. Thankfully, the guys at the bike shop are awesome and didn’t charge me for fixing my bike rim then we had lunch and did some tracting. Later, that night we went and followed up with a guy we helped move in on Monday! It was a huge learning experience for all 3 of us! He asked us if we could baptize him and his 3 kids, help him learn how to read and get his life back in order! He has had a bit of a rough life but is trying to change and be a good parent! At the end of the lesson he was crying a lot. I’ve really learned this week how small things make a huge impact on others! He kept thanking us for stopping to help him and his girlfriend unload the moving truck. Its helped me realize how small of a voice the spirit talks in! We were biking past them and I had a passing thought to help them unload.

Saturday morning, we biked to some service. It was cold…… 53 degrees doesn’t sound cold until you add the humidity and get on a bike. The 3 mile ride felt more like 20…. by the time we got there both my companion (who kept on insisting and telling that La does not get cold enough for more then a sweater) learned what the winters are like here! It was pretty funny! We came back, showered and changed then headed over to an appointment with carols! We came back after it and had a 20 minute ¬†lunch before a member picked us up so we could go see a lot of less-actives! We had dinner at a members house!
Sunday, we had church. ¬†This week we didn’t get asked to teach anything! I got to talk to the stake president for a bit, it was good to see him again! After church, ¬† we had a little meeting with our ward mission leader and then we went with our ward mission leader to give a blessing, came back to our apartment and weekly planned. We normally do it on Thursdays but 1) we kinda forgot and 2) we had a ton going on…. so we finished up what we didn’t do on Friday then we did a bunch of follow up and had dinner at the Rabalais house! They called as I was ¬†having lunch, my companion was making a cake and asked us if we had a dinner appointment! After we had dinner with them we had a appointment with our neighbor!

Can y’all pray for Jared, Ms patti, Daniel and Gene?

Hope y’all have an awesome week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph!

My companion found a chair he wanted in the trash so he threw it on his shoulder to bike home.

We went to visit less actives and they obviously don’t live there at the moment.


Keeping warm during studies.


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