Week 103 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Well, this week started out good!
Tuesday, we had District meeting and that was great! We learned a lot about having real intent and then we went out for a district thanksgiving lunch! Afterwards, my companion and I help a recent convert and his brothers move! Durning the move I strained my back… mini fridges are rather heavy when they are full of stuff…. so that made for a long rest of the day.
Wednesday, we did service in the morning and then literally everything fell through… all 4 appointments we had canceled on us due to it being thanksgiving week! So we tried to tract but that didn’t go too well….
Thursday was a break! We had breakfast at the Sants  house, Lunch at the Sanders and dinner at our investigator, Ms Patti’s house! 
Friday was a long, rough day. Again, everyone cancelled on us so we decided to go pass out a bunch of the Christmas cards! Out of the 100+ people we talked too only 8 seamed to care and I got sick… Later that night, our mission Presidents wife called and asked us if a missionary could stay at our apartment for the night. Then about 20 minuetes later our mission President called and asked the same thing, he and the missionary got to our apartment at about 1:30 in the morning…. Elder Howe was hit by an SUV and severely injured.  His companion only has bruises and scratches.  Elder Howe and his family need prayers.  He had broken ribs, a punctured lung, swelling on his brain with 3 brain bleeds.  They removed a small section of his skull to reduce pressure.  Right now he is in a prescribed coma to let his brain heal.  We have faith and miracles do happen.  His bike and helmet protected him. I love Elder Howe and had the privelage of training him when he first came out. He will be fine but recovery will take time. Prayer works miracles. 

Saturday,  we had to cancel a bunch of stuff in the morning because we didn’t know how long we would be with the missionary. The Denham Springs zone leaders came, picked him up around 9 and then we had to high tail it to the church because our bishop asked us to attend a memorial of a members friends mother… and us not having a car we biked! It took us 35 minutes to bike to the stake center,  then afterwards we did some tracting and follow up!  

Sunday, we went to some meetings before church and then another one during the last hour of church! After, church we got a call from missionaries. The sisters asked for some help to get a dead cat out from under a less-actives bath tub…. and well.. that took about an hour. Halfway through getting it out we learned that it had crawled under there 2 weeks ago because it got attacked by a possum and died. It was rather bloated. We had to go clean up and get over to see 2 referrals!  
I’ll need a suit and church shoes when I get home.  We did some store contacting and got to know one of the mangers at a store. he let us play around with a few of the bikes and skate boards! It was really funny seeing the manger and a missionary race down the hall! It made all the workers day!

Can y’all pray for Elder Landon Howe, Daniel, Gerard and Ms Patti? Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph


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