Week 104 in the mission Field

“Trunky” letter

Hi Everyone,

Monday night we saw a investigator and he is doing great then we had dinner at a members house!
Tuesday, we did service in the morning and I pushed my self a bit too hard and got sick again…. so we had to cancel the appointment we had that night and i slept all day…. it was so needed!
Wednesday, we weekly planned because we had a bus Thursday planned! We had lunch and saw Carlos! Then we did some tracting and went over to the Marchans for dinner! They have been such a blessing! Both my companion and I have been praying that we could find someone to help us with missionary work and well…. it was supposed to be a dinner appointment but it turned into an awesome lesson with one of their sons who is not active! We talked about tithing, prayer, and faith. The spirit was there and Rick kept asking questions, more questions and more questions! At the end, my companion asked him to pick a number between 1 and 4. He chose 3 so we gave him 3 book of Mormons! Both of us felt that we needed to give him promises from the lord. When we were walking out to the bikes, he asked us what we were doing tomorrow (Thursday) and well…. he offered to go with us to do some service at the food bank! It was awesome because instead of a 8 mile bike ride one way in 50 degree weather, it was only 3! 

Thursday, we did service!It was the day of service and that was awesome! It was rather cold on the way to Rick’s house! After that, we went and unloaded some stuff for those that got flooded! We went and saw a part member family that moved into the ward! They are great! It took us a bit to find their apartment because we wrote down the wrong one…. 

Friday was a wee bit hard… we had our zone training meeting which was good! 2 of the instructor came down pretty hard on some things but it was really needed! I gave my “Go home” testimony…. that made things a bit odd…. I actually feel like Im going home now. After the meeting, I was stinken tired and we started exchanges! I was down in Gonzalez  with Elder Mayer who was my companion in Laplace before I got to Baton Rouge! We ate dinner at a members house! and wow. that family is sooooooooooo animated! Mostly the dad but wow. They had a friend drop by about half way through dinner so the friend stayed and ate with us all then we had a short lesson! At Zone Conference, we had a white elephant gift exchange and someone got a manequin head.  It was pretty funny.  There are 5 in the mission and we kidnap them from each other. 

Saturday….. was…. my 2 year mark! We ended exchanges in the morning and then saw Carlos Barre! We went out with Brother Mills! We got to see lots of people that got flooded and a bunch of less-actives! 

Sunday was crazy. We got a ride with our ward mission leader to church then we met with the other missionaries in our ward to wrap a bunch of book of Mormons for the ward Christmas party to hand out to members! We had church and a less-active came and stayed for all 3 hours for the first time in over a year! Right before church I got to talk to Elder Howe’s parents! It was great to meet them! Sister Hansen asked me if we wanted to come over and have dinner with them and elder Howe’s parents! Elder Howe is doing much better.  He is talking, studying, ready and singing! Thankfully, we got things mixed up and were able to go to it! After church we finished up studying and then went over to the mission home for dinner! It was great! It was also a bit short because we had to get back to our apartment by 6:30 so we could go with our neighbor to the Christmas Broadcast that the church puts on! We got to the church and well…. the projector wasn’t working…. so we spend 20 minuets trying to get that and a TV to work only to find out that there is a short…. so we just got to listen to it!

I’m glad y’all invited the sisters! Us missionaries kinda get left out on Monday nights…. some times that is needed though! The light of the world challenge is awesome! 

 Can y’all pray for Rick Marchan, Daniel, Bo, Gene Duncan , Gene Young and Elder Howe? 
I hope y’all had a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph! 

The temple is beautiful at night.

Sweeping at the food bank!

Taking a rest on the bests at the store! 

Bikes getting a ride back to the apartment.

The store manager had a lot of fun with us. 

The Christmas tree at the other elders apartment.

Elder found a teddy bear as big as him at Costco!


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