Honorable Mission Release date letter


11 November 2016
Brother and Sister Ralph

6634 Middleboro Rd.

Blanchester, Ohio 45107

Dear Brother and Sister Ralph,

This letter is to advise you that your son, Elder Micah Andrew Ralph, will be returning home from the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission on December 15,2016.

Your son has filled an honorable mission. We hope you have shared the unique experiences of his mission through his letters and emails. He has had some difficult assignments and some outstanding spiritual experiences as he has served our Father in Heaven. We are grateful for his unselfish end and loving service for the Lord and His kingdom.

Elder Ralph’s capacity to serve has greatly increased.  He will make major contributions to the kingdom hereafter. He has touched the lives of many people. It is a great achievement to receive an honorable release after having served faithfully and obediently.

We express our deep gratitude to you as parents, for the support you have given in preparing and sustaining your son to serve successfully. We send our love and appreciation and ask the Lord’s blessing to be upon you and your family.

Faithfully yours,

Reed Hansen, President.                                                                                                Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission


Week 100 in the Mission Field

Elder Armstrong and I! He was in Baton Rouge to get the car checked out and inspected! 

Hi everyone,

Sothis week, we had transfers! My new companion is Elder Gordon and is from Washington! He has been out a total of 3 months! Nice and green!

Wednesday, I went on exchanges with elder Roy. While we both waited on our new companions! We finished up studies and made lunch while we waited! Once they got to the apartment we headed off to go do some shopping! It was transfers and the start of the month so we were basically out of food! We had a few appointments set up for later that night and well… they all cancelled on us… with in 20 minutes.
Thursday, we weekly planned and did a ton of tracting! We tried to see one of our investigators but she was at the hospital with her dad.p and then gene took us out for dinner! One of the missionaries thought it was a good idea to text everyone(including a bunch of members…..) that it was someones birthday (mine) sooooo basically our phone didn’t stop ringing… but hey, it ended up being a awesome birthday! 
Friday, we had our district meeting and that was a lot of fun! I was asked to give the spiritual thought! I did it from D&C 10:5 and 82:10 and it turned out well! I also learned that the other new elder in the district is Elder Mayer! Hwas my companion in Laplace before I was sent to Baton Rouge! hahaha! Exchanges  are gonna be awesome! Good luck feeding us Baton Rouge! No corn, soy, or dairy! I still have no idea how the ward in Laplace fed us! We went out and tracted a street we felt really strongly we needed to go to and ran into a less-active member! We had a great lesson with them. They invited us back to have dinner with them this Wednesday! We had to high tail it back to our apartment so we could get picked up by a member to go see a bunch of less-actives. One of them that we saw served his mission here 10 years before and served in 3 of my past areas! 
Saturday, we had our ward coordination meeting in the morning and found out that one of the sisters in the ward broke her foot. We tracted some more, met with Carlos and did some more tracting! We came back to our apartment because a guy that lives across from us offered to feed us! Dang, that guy can cook! It was really good and incredibly spicy. 
Sunday was fun! We had church and were asked to teach a class 10 minutes before it started! After church, we did some more tracting and then got picked up by the Rabalais! (good luck pronouncing that!) The family is a bundle of fun! 
The weather has gotten a bit cooler, it’s nice.

Sometimes, we never find out why the spirit asks us to do stuff but it is always good to follow it! A hint of advice, never go in the gehtto parts at night. Its not safe or a good idea.  The Lord protects his people but he does not protect them when they do stupid things. The ward is great, they are doing pretty good! My studies are going well! I’m in 2 Nephi and Ive been reading through the bible dictionary! There is a ton of stuff in that thing! If you need something ask the Lord but make sure you specific with what you ask for! Ive really learned that the Lord is always preparing people! He puts people in your path to help you get the things he wants you to do done! something funny… a member took us out to dinner and on the way back he ran out of gas, haha! We ended up having a great talk with him! He has been having a hard time. Dinners  have been great! We’ve been eating a lot of cajun food, some of it is a bit spicy…. like really hot. I love the area, it’s great! People are a ton nicer since  the flood and Im not getting things thrown at me! haha! The Lord has really taught me to not take thing personally.. it’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow but a good one to! Just do what the Lord asks you to do!  It’s better that way.

Hope y’all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

We knocked on the door at this house.

Stuff on someone’s porch.

All of us at lunch

A sign at a restaurant a member took us to. Great spelling right? 

The sisters made me soy and dairy free brownies!

Week 99 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone, 

Well, I’m  staying in Tiger Bend for another 6 weeks and then I will be transferred out!( home to my parents)
Tuesday, we up dated the area book and then did a load of tracting. We tried to meet with a few less-actives and followed up with a referral!  

Wednesday, morning we got to go see Ms. Patti  with Kathie Hearold, things went really really well! We went and saw Carlos again and he’s doing great! We then had an appointment with a less-active! Thankfully,  he was there! We’ve had a bunch of people set up appointments with us and then not be there.
Thursday, we planned for next week, got to see Bill and Kathie! They were sealed in the temple Friday! Sadly, we couldn’t go to it… and while we were with Bill, I got to see a couple of missionaries that i served around a while ago that came back to see Bill and Kathie  sealed! It was great to see them! We went out to dinner with Gene Duncan. At the restaurant our waitress and her Boy friend used to meet with the missionaries in New Orleans! She told us that one of them got moved up to Baton Rouge a couple of months ago! So I gave her a few names and she thought she recognized one of them so we asked that missionary to come over and see her.  So when the elder got there she turned and told us that he was not the one she knew! She was pretty embarrassed! Thankfully, we finally did figure out who it was! A couple of people asked us if we were Mormons or Jehovah witnesses and we had a few good conversations!
Friday, we had a zone meeting which was good! Things were changed up a bit! We are having Zone training meetings, interviews and Zone conferences once a transfer instead of switching every month! So that’ll make things a bit different! Right before the meeting started, we got call from Elder Jensen from the mission office and he asked if we were close to the mission office. I said no and so he told us he needed our bikes… my first thought was ” Not the bike too!. walking will make the work here stop.” Thankfully, he just needed to check some stuff on the new cars then we went and did some tracting… 

Saturday, we got to do some more tracting and met with Carlos again! Our ward mission leader picked us up and took us to a pizza party some members put on! It was a lot of fun and we asked them to find some people for us to teach! The ward here is being really helpful!
Sunday Morning, we texted one of our investigators Ms patti about coming to church.  She said she could! We got picked up by our ward mission leader and actually got invited into one of the early morning meetings! Normally, we dont go into the meetings! Ms Patti came to church! We have been tying to get her to come to church for the past 3 months! She  loved it! She had to leave early to get to work but at least she came to church! We were invited to a members house for a late lunch! After that we tried to see a investigator before we go picked up for dinner but she wan’t home…. 
Monday, we had a lesson with Ms Patti! Sister Bluth came with us to go see her and the lesson went great! We were picked up by Bill because his wife wanted us to spend sometime with him! He used to be less-active and is a ward missionary.  He is a bit rough around the edges but a great guy! We are  working with him :

Something  Ive learned this week is that when you think you finally have something down, that’s when you really need to work on it the most then you will learn more then before! I’ve been studying about Hope and Charity! I have also been listening to the conference talks from the 70’s! Le grand Richards does a really really good job! I love them! 

Hope y’all have an awesome week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

Week 98 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

It’s been a bit of a long week! I’m short on time and the computers are having issues! So long story short, lots of service, tons of stuff falling through and tracting!

Hope all is good! I will send everything that went on this week nextweek!
haha! I was able to get to a library that actually works! All the libraries in the Parrish (like 2/3s of Baton Rouge) were not working so thanks to the AP’s we were able to get to one!

Tuesday, we had District meeting and that was awesome! Sister Anderson gave a great instruction! She based it off of a talk but sadly, I forgot to ask which talk it was. The other sister in the district had the activity…. it was…. different. Really  funny but different! The  game is called snorts…. basically one person has to guess who the person across from them is only by hearing them snort. I’m not sure if it’s good that 8 out of 10 times a sister is guessed as an elder. I guess she has a manly snort… it was a lot of fun! After district meeting we started exchanges! Elder Shaddick and I went with our Ward mission leader to help a friend put up sheet rock in his sister’s house! I learned to always watch where your cutting with a razor blade! No, I did not cut myself… although I did send the razor blade flying across the room! I hit some wiring.. that had electricity running through it… shocking experience? I think, yes. 
Wednesday, we met with our investigator Ms Patti and she is doing good! The lesson was a bit all over the place, literally. Some people (companion) love to talk about every gospel subject known to man, which honestly is great! Just not when your teaching a investigator. We went over to the office to help Sister Corbett with some stuff! Elder Jensen (he’s over all the cars) asked us if both of us could drive. We got signed up to go and pick up the 3 new cars the mission got, take them to get their inspection stickers and the hitch welded on! Those are some nice cars! The 2 we got to drive had 11 miles on it! so yes… very nice and new! We tracted for a bit then headed back to the apartment so a member could pick us up for dinner then we came back and ended exchanges! 

Thursday, we weekly planned like normal then went and helped Carlos learn to read! We  met with the North elders so we could go over the list of people that moved into the ward and figure out who is active and who is not! We went out to dinner with Gene and it was great! Once we sat down at the restaurant Gene told the waiter to just bring me a whole pitcher of water and save herself a ton of work (yes, Im a camel. I drink alot of water!) so I went through about 2 pitchers…. 

Friday, we did some service at the office again! We finally finished up 1 of the projects that sister Corbett had for us to doand again the office was short drivers so we got asked to go get the cars from the Uhaul place! I did all the driving because my companion cant drive. Our bishop asked us to come and help with some stuff but ended up cancelling because they got it done a ton faster then they thought! We did a bunch of tracting but sadly, literally all of the houses had gates out front so we put pass-along cards in the gate! haha! A older lady gave me the nastiest look! It ended up being a bit of a stressful day…. thankfully, the North elders needed some help so we helped them out for about an hour
Saturday, we had our ward coordination meeting in the morning and that went well! There was a ton to talk about and do because we just had 249 members move into the ward! Basically, all day until it was dark and people wouldn’t open their doors… 
Sunday was good! Sadly, one of our investigators cancelled 20 minutes before church and the set appointments we had cancelled too but we had church! We got to meet some of the new members! 2 older members came up to me and offered to give us rides to where ever we needed to go when ever we needed it which is a huge blessing being on a bike! I love biking and all but not in the city. If. it wasn’t for god protecting us, I’d be a flat road kill 2 months ago. Some people here are okay drivers, most just dont know what turn signals are or care to use them. We got back from Church, we ate a quick lunch and then headed over to Ms. Kathies  house! She and her husband are getting sealed this Friday! We spent 20 mins there, went over to a dinner appointment and then came back and finished up our studies! 
Can y’all pray for Gene Duncan, Gene Young, Mike, Ms Patti, Ms Kandie, and Janice? It’s only in the 60-80’s and I’m cold! D&C 42:48 really stuck out to me and I learned a ton! We got to do a ton of service, putting peoples houses together is actually pretty fun! The first picture is do some sister’s I know had a fun time with a tire that loved to go flat when there was apparently nothing wrong with it and the other one is Elder Shaddick in one of the new cars! Please tell all the Seminary kids I say thank you! I looked up all the scriptures the put in the package! I loved the one about biking!

Hope y’all have an awesome week! love y’all
Elder Micah A. Ralph

Week 97 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Man, has it been a odd week!

Tuesday, we committed our investigator Ms Patti to get baptized on November 5th! The rest of the day everything else fell through. We did get to do some unplanned service though so it all turned out really well!
Wednesday, we had our zone conference! My companion and I were asked to do a role play on using music in your teaching! That is something I’ve never done and it ended up working out really well even though both of us had no idea how to do it! We went tracting afterwards and got a few follow up appointments! We had a few more people tell us that we were not allowed to be there then a member took us out to dinner!
Thursday, we weekly planned,  we went and saw a recent convert and did more tracting! We had a appointment later that evening but it fell though. 
Friday, we were planning on going to our mission office to help them out but one of the senior missionaries was sick so we switched it to next Wednesday then we spent the rest of the day finding less-actives! We got to talk to a few of them and set up some appointments for the next day! We had dinner at a members house whose son leaves on his mission in about 2 weeks! We headed over to someone who we tracted into and she didn’t open up the door… although we could clearly hear them inside!
Saturday, a member payed for us to go and eat lunch at Olive Garden! Sadly, I can’t eat most of the stuff there haha… but I got it figured out! We got to see Carlos again and that went pretty well! His reading has gotten a ton better! After we saw Carlos we headed over to an appointment with a less-active, he ended up not being there but he had a good excuse! He was in the hospital. We did some more tracting and ended up doing a bunch of service! When we walked up and offered to help,   the guys kept thanking us over and over again! The 3 of them were having a hard time getting a piano into the truck! The guys wife was a bit unfriendly to us through out the whole thing but her husband and the 2 other guys were the compete opposite! 
Sunday… was soooooo long! We got to church for a meeting at 8:30 and didn’t leave till 3:30. We had our ward coordination meeting, then church, which was a bit different! We had Gospel principles as 1st hour and priesthood as 2ed hour then we had Sacrament meeting! After Sacrament meeting we had another meeting, only this one was about the ward boundary’s changing!Because  of all the flooding, basically Baton Rouge 1st ward is now dissolved and spilt up between BR 2nd and 3rd wards and Pl aquemine branch! Plaquemine got about 70ish more members, BR 2nd  got about 140ish and BR 3rd, the one I’m,  in got 249 more members and maybe  1 or 2 more sets of missionaries! Our area also is a bit bigger! Thankfully,  now we are more in the middle of it all! It still would take a ton of biking to get to parts but we have more to do now! We have  a member that we moved out of the ward when i first got here, is back! Once we got home we ate lunch (we were a bit hungry…) then we went to go see a lady we started teaching last week! She wasn’t home so on our way back we stopped by a few less-active members houses and then we did our studies!

My favorite scripture are D&C 10:5 and Proverbs 3:5-6! I am really loving my mission. The Ward members are great, so helpful and working on getting us referrals.  We need more people to teach.

Elder Micah A. Ralph

Week 96 in the Mission Field


Hi everyone,

This week been a bit crazy.
Tuesday, we worked in the office! The senior couple were a bit stressed because they had to get all the things missionaries ordered by Wednesday! They had maybe 1/4 done… it took us about 4 hours to finish! They then took us and the Denham Zone Leaders out to lunch! The zone leaders had to get their car fixed in Baton Rouge and were with the senior couple! It still amazes me how much food some skinny guys can eat.We had a few appointments set up but one cancelled and the other wasn’t home…
Wednesday, we were planning on see Ms Patti with our ward mission leader! He called that morning and cancelled because he wasn’t feeling good and then about 5 minuets later , Ms Patti texted and said she was sick so we offered to come over and give her a blessing which she thankfully said was okay! As we were biking to her house, my companion’s bike started having issues, fixed that quickly and then my bike started having issues again and making funny sounds. Once  we got there things went well but man. getting there was a pain in the butt! We went over to see a recent convert that we’ve been teaching how to read! A member bought him some reading glasses and that has helped a ton! He is doing so much better. We biked over to the bike shop so my companion could get it fixed! While they fixed his I worked on mine… and thought I fixed it! The bike repair guy asked if I wanted him to take a look at my bike. I said no because I’d rather fix it (or learn how).

Thursday, we weekly planned and did a bunch of tracting! I’m  still confused at why people think we are soliciting…. I’ve talked to officers and our mission president. Both say that we are not breaking any laws… yet some people insist that are selling things.  We are literally giving you the book of Mormon, any pamphlets and what ever else comes with the gospel on a silver platter,  free of any kind of charge. On the way to see a bunch of member’s who got flooded that our bishop asked us check up on, our mission president called! Long story short, trying to get a phone out of your pocket while biking down a road with a 3 inch shoulder is not an easy task. He called to let us know about some changes in service and to see how things are going! Because we were biking, he said to call him later! Here in LA, there is a law that say’s cars have to give us biker’s a 3 feet of room to pass us. Well, when you can reach out and put your elbow on a bus, I’m  pretty sure that is not 3 feet. at all…. but hey, that’s the life of a biking missionary!
Friday, we had our Zone Training Meeting! It was a great learning experience! Lately I have  been trying to figure out and praying that I might learn what I need to work on and the lord answered Tuesday/Wednesday and then really reinforced it Friday. A swift kick in the butt every once in a while (or every day haha) is healthy! The things about going through things like that is not just getting through it, but learning from it and DOING something about it! We had exchanges! I was in Tiger Bend with Elder Soloman! It was soo much fun! We had a ton planned… until we were biking from a recent convert’s house and my bike started making funny sounds again… well….. we get back to our apartment and Im taking my bike apart and the back wheel is completely frozen up… so yup! It was the ball barrings again… a member picked us up and took us over to the bike shop. haha! The guy at the counter said somethings along the lines of “weren’t y’all in here a few days ago?”I also learned that they get alot of business from us missionaries! I mean like a ton. Its the place where a good amount of the 150+ missionaries get their bikes fixed/new bikes and parts from! So  when they are fixing bikes they give us a discount then the member too us out to dinner! His power steering went out…. that made the trip interesting… we had to stop and get some fluid for it… Elder Soloman learned that raw oysters are not for him… he ate 2 and and his throat started to feel a bit funny and it started to swell.  Thankfully,  went away pretty fast… by the time we got back to our apartment he had a rash all over his neck.  Don’t worry, he’s is fine!

Saturday was crazy busy! The  dad of one of the elders in this mission came down and with a bunch of crews to put sheet rock up in peoples houses for free! He asked our mission president if the missionaries could help his crews and speed things up! So we got picked up at 10 and didn’t stop working till about 7! We stayed really busy all day! After all the service, we went with the Assistants to end exchanges! They are the only set of elders that have a car in the district so they do a bit of driving……

Sunday, we had church!we learned that the boundary’s of the wards in Baton Rouge are being changed! They might be dissolving a ward because of all the flooding so our area could get a ton bigger or smaller. We’ll find out next Sunday! We had planned on going tracting but we felt like we needed to go check up on a lady we helped move in a few weeks ago! We ended up teaching her and her mother the restoration! Things went really well! They had some good questions and asked if we worshiped Joseph Smith. Once we explained that we only worship Christ and that Joseph Smith is just a prophet, they both were a lot more open! We had dinner at a members house later that night! We had a great discussion!
Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph


Elder Ralph and his companion had a unique opportunity to volunteer each week at a Horse Therapy facility.  The Newspapers did a feature about a boy they helped who has spina Bifada.  you can see it at: http://www.heraldguide.com/details.php?id=17571

Week 95 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone,

Tuesday, we had District meeting and I had the instruction! I was asked about 18 hours before the meeting started to give it, haha! It went well! My topic was the spirit and for the activity Elder Hardick bought a game called bean boozled. It was probably the nastiest game I’ve played. There are about 10 different colored jelly beans and each color has 2 flavors! One is lime and the other might be tooth past or something. The beans look completely alike so you cant tell the difference. I ended up with dog food, barf, rotten egg and spoiled milk. It was nasty. The worst was probably the rotten egg because the taste did not go away and when it did your breath smelled like rotten eggs for a long time. The barf hits you like a brick but goes away pretty fast! After District meeting we all went out to eat because a member gave us all gift cards then Brother keen took us out to eat!

Wednesday, we got to see Ms Patti! Our ward mission leader Brother Smith came with us to see her! It was amazing how that worked out! They both had a lot in common and he was able to help her with some family problems then he took us out to lunch! We headed over to the mission office to help organize the commissary for the office couple because Elder Corbett did something to his back… and wow! There was a ton to do! Thankfully, the Spanish Elders showed up with Elder Jensen so they helped me out a ton! We went with brother Keen to help him move his Non-member daughter! They really needed the help…. they had to be out by Friday and only had things packed.. nothing moved out.

Thursday, we cleaned out 2 more houses with a bunch of Jewish people! That was going great until the owner of the house told us that her cast iron tub needed to go out too…….. wholly cow! That thing was heavy! It took 3 of us and 5 minuets to get it out… we had a 6’3″ 300 pound foot ball player, one of the larger Jewish guy and I… the thing weighed more then we did… as we were driving back from cleaning up the last house Brother Keen called and asked us if we were ready to help him move his Non-member daughter! We only had time to grab a quick snack and head back out! After that, we dropped a few things off at his house before he took us home!

Friday, our appointment in the morning canceled on us and then we got a text from the office couple asking for our help again! This time I got all the stuff the missionaries needed for the month in boxes for them and they fed us lunch 🙂 As we headed over to go see a recent convert my companions tire went flat…. we checked it and it looked like someone slashed his tire. So we ended up walking the last mile… we had a bunch of stuff planned but no tire no biking…. Gene Duncan took us out for dinner! That was a lot of fun! Mike didn’t come this time, he was not feeling good.

Saturday, we had General conference! It was great! We watched both sessions at the stake center! My favorite talk was president Monsons about the word of Wisdom. It helped me realize a couple of things.

Sunday, we watched the first session at the stake center and the second one at the mission home! They fed us lunch! All the different sessions talked a ton about having joy in hard times and repentance! We went over to see a couple of investigators but I think the LSU game was on so no one had time………..

I’ll need to get some pants. Caught one is the bike and the other ripped the back side. It’s hard to send pictures since the library computers are not so good. Baton Rouge is a very busy place, tons of cars and lots of people. People are friendlier than they used to be. They really appreciated the help the Mormons did for them. One of the missionary’s dad is bringing in a crew to help put up dry wall. He asked the mission president if the missionaries can help so I guess we will be doing that for a bit too.

Hope y’all have an awesome week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph


picture below is an inside joke!